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Short dress, instructions for use: from casual to elegant, how to wear them flawlessly

Short dress

Short dresses are loved because they are casual and easy to combine, elegant or casual. From models to shoes, let's find out how to match them

The petites love them for their natural ability to streamline the silhouette, the taller ones focus on their vivacity to seek incredibly sexy looks: short dresses are an elegant but also casual all-rounder in the wardrobe from winter to summer, also because they are easy to match. Shoes and often belts can make the difference, but when selecting some accessories and focusing on some combinations, it's always good to pay attention to a few tricks so as not to make mistakes and never lose our focus: valuing our body .

Elegant short dresses: how to match shoes

The goal, depending on whether you are tall or short, is to appear taller and slimmer, while carefully avoiding not shortening your legs in both cases. And it's really about small details, those that can make a difference but not for the good.

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The first point concerns the shoes : the secret is to disconnect ! Focus on shoes that have a different color from your dress, both to brighten it up, make it more lively, but also to avoid an "antique" effect. For example, it is better to stay away from total black and enhance a little black dress with a silver-colored or rhinestone-studded shoe, a neutral nuance such as beige or white if you want to maintain a classic line and if instead you want to use a fuchsia detachment it will be an irrepressible and trendy.

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In winter, play with stockings too: in that case you can wear a pair of shoes of the same color as the dress, because tights or socks will create the gap, preferably in a neutral color or complementary to the nuances of the overall look. On dresses that end a few millimeters above the knees, be careful not to opt for a pair of boots : they risk shortening your figure.

Loose mini dresses: pay attention to the waistline

Not everyone always likes baggy minidresses. Compared to snug-fitting models, they emphasize our silhouette in a different way, which is why before buying them it is always essential to wear them to understand if we really see ourselves and feel comfortable with that model. If you don't want to run the risk of altering your silhouette by focusing attention on the waistline, it's better to avoid loose models or at best try to give it new life with a belt .

Basically, the waistline is always the point of reference from which to start when choosing the perfect short dress: models that narrow above the hips are preferable to boxy ones. A piece of advice, this, to keep in mind in general when we choose any dress.

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