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Short hair perm: the effect is super cool, but there are some things to know

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Can short hair be permed? Absolutely yes, but before treatment it is good to know the pros and cons.

Compared to many years ago, the perm is no longer demonized. Thanks to the latest generation products, you no longer have to fear damaging your hair. Despite everything, there are some things that, short or long hair, it is good to know before proceeding with the treatment.

Short hair perm: ideas and advice

Can short hair be permed? Absolutely yes, since this treatment manages to give a lot of volume to the hair. Regardless of the color, whether it is natural or the result of a coloring, the perm is very popular, especially in recent times. In fact, it allows you to overturn the hair look and keep the waves for quite a few months.

Compared to years ago, today the light perm is used, which not only makes the hair wavy , but also supports it. This treatment no longer stresses the hair as it once did, but is soft and gives a natural effect. In fact, the latest generation products are rich in keratin and are also perfect for those with spaghetti straight hair.

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According to experts, the light curly perm should never be done only if you have dry and fragile hair and immediately after a dye. In all other cases, it is a recommended treatment, which does not damage the hair. There are many ideas for a hair look of this type and a lot depends on the final effect you want to achieve. In fact, the hairdresser uses more or less large curlers based on the desired curl.

Permanent short hair move: how long does the effect last?

Support for short hair, regardless of the size of the wave you choose, usually lasts between three and five months. The stronger and healthier the hair, the longer it will last. It should be emphasized that it is a chemical treatment , therefore, as already underlined, avoid it if you have damaged or damaged hair. Also, think about it because if you don't like the effect you won't be able to go back to your natural hair look for a few months.

Another clarification is obligatory: after a light perm on hair, whether it is medium, short or long, it is necessary to use special products for curls. From shampoo to conditioner, through masks, everything must be ad hoc.

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