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Shorts+tights: the perfect combo for the first days of spring

Shorts with fishnet stockings

Mix and match of trends and accessories to create a look for a thousand occasions: that's why you can count on shorts and tights, even in spring

Spring air, time to discover yourself gradually! Well yes, those days have arrived in which we continue to wear the latest rush of winter garments and then realize that the temperature is getting warmer and it is urgent to take a look at the spring trends to usher in our imminent change of season. In this regard, with a view to sustainability and logistical efficiency – drawers that explode and wardrobe doors that risk not closing – there are some trendy items that we have already worn in the winter season that we can re-wear even before the summer . On this list in first place are shorts and tights.

Spring 2023 trends: mini and ultra-tight shorts, culottes and tights, from the disco years to today

This winter you will have seen that there are many celebrities who have found a glamorous, sexy and practical look during events and fashion weeks: we are talking about the combo shorts+tights and in this regard these mini trousers deserve a dedicated chapter. Back in vogue from the 70s and 80s as a must have for the perfect disco look, comfortable and sexy, in fact the shorts that set the trend this year are crotch-hugging, often replaced by culottes.

The hot pants trend was recently sported by Chiara Ferragni , who on the occasion of PFW 2023 in a total black Schiaparelli look showed off a slim, tight-fitting, extremely refined model with a smooth texture, combined with a pair of tights and a blouse. The simplicity of these culotte shorts has allowed her to enhance it with a high belt and a golden buckle and what has struck is how this look is capable of strongly slimming the silhouette and is therefore versatile for all heights.

The mix and match possibilities are therefore really many, but the choice of tights is essential: sheer and to choose in the same shade as the shorts if you want to focus on an elegant look or in an ultra-lively color if you want to play with a multicolor effect, or still playing with basic nuances like Kylie Jenner . Glam touch to wear them even with a long jacket.

Casual, street-chic, elegant: the looks to create

Compared to a miniskirt, the great value of shorts is that they make us feel more free in our movements: a dynamic and practical garment that also manages to be incredibly refined, combined with a short blazer and a pair of pumps for a commitment that requires a dress elegant tails. However, we can also customize and make this look daily, for example by wearing a trench coat or a long blazer.

Denim hot pants, black, white but also coloured, the possible combinations will always be different, ready to be combined even in a street style key with a pair of sneakers, amphibians or ankle boots or in a chic key, perhaps with a vest top or with a jumper.

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