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Sleep hygiene: what it is and how to treat it to live better

sleep hygiene

Proper sleep hygiene helps you live better. Let's find out what it is and how to make it better.

When we talk about sleep hygiene we mean a whole series of rules which, if followed correctly, can improve the quality of sleep. This applies both to those who already sleep well and to those who, on the other hand, have problems with it. Putting together a series of steps related to nocturnal well-being can in fact help fight insomnia and sleep soundly and without too many awakenings.
In fact, several studies show that sleep hygiene education is useful in almost all cases of insomnia, except for those who need cognitive behavioral therapy instead.

How to follow proper sleep hygiene

Following certain rules to improve the quality of sleep or to defeat insomnia problems is one of the practices developed by the cognitive-behavioral treatment protocols for insomnia.

However, in order for them to work or have a good impact on the way you sleep, it is very important to follow them all and consistently . Only in this way, in fact, will it be possible to establish a routine that is also able to improve things. So let's find out what are the essential steps to start sleeping better.

sleep hygiene
sleep hygiene

Always get up and go to sleep at the same times

Establishing a fixed time to get up and go to sleep can greatly help someone who has trouble falling asleep. In this way, in fact, an important input is offered to the body , automatically establishing what time it is time to sleep. A step that as the days go by will make it easier to start feeling tired at a certain time.

Take care of the environment in which you sleep

The room in which you sleep should respond to particular characteristics. First of all it should be well ventilated, isolated from too loud noises and with a temperature able to promote sleep . This shouldn't be too hot or too cold. Even a soft mattress and pillow can make a difference, making sleep easier.

Perform proper physical activity

Playing sports or taking long walks during the day helps the body to recharge but tires it at the same time. In addition, physical activity helps eliminate stress . Which, needless to say, makes sleep much easier and allows you to fall asleep earlier and, above all, not to face continuous awakenings.

Eat light meals in the evening

Eating well is essential to live better and this also applies to when you have trouble falling asleep. In fact, choosing light foods helps not to burden digestion, making sleep easier. Furthermore, choosing foods such as whole grains helps to fall asleep more easily.

Limit yourself in drinking

Consuming alcohol can make sleep much more difficult and less restful. If you have sleep problems, therefore, it is preferable to avoid drinking. Water and other types of beverages should also be consumed sparingly when evening arrives . This way you will avoid waking up constantly due to the need to urinate.

Limit stimulants

Whether it's coffee, tea or nicotine, stimulants should also be eliminated or at least avoided. In fact, these substances can interfere with the whole process, limiting the benefits of the rules followed. Better to opt for a relaxing herbal tea or a nice glass of hot milk.

Avoid afternoon naps

If the problem is related to difficulty falling asleep, a good strategy may be to avoid the classic naps . These, in fact, can make it more difficult both when you fall asleep and when you can actually sleep. The risk is in fact that of falling asleep unless waking up continuously due to a fragmentary rest.

Take a hot bath in the evening

To sleep better, it may be useful to take a hot bath in the late afternoon or just before going to sleep. In fact, by relaxing, falling asleep will be much easier and you will be able to sleep more soundly.

Take half an hour before sleep

Using smartphones as well as watching TV before bed has been shown to make sleep more difficult. This depends on too strong lights that disturb the brain. A good trick to sleep well is therefore to take half an hour before going to bed and spend that time reading, meditating and doing whatever can relax the mind.

Create an evening routine

Another good way to fall asleep easily is to create a sort of sleep routine that you always follow the same way. Before going to sleep it can therefore be useful to remove make-up , brush your teeth or put on pajamas always following the same order. In this way it will be like giving an additional input to the brain indicating that it is time to go to sleep.

Following these rules can make sleep much easier. If all this is not enough, however, it is important to consult a doctor who is able to understand the origin of the problem and find the right solution . In more important cases it may in fact be important to follow a therapeutic course to which to add any natural remedies such as valerian or melatonin or medicines capable of helping the body to relax and finally sleep in the correct way.

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