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Small eye make-up: the recommended nuances and how to create an effective make-up

Small eye make-up

Do you have small eyes and need a make-up to enhance them? Here are some tips, the recommended products and nuances for an ad hoc make-up!

The world of make-up is so varied and full of opportunities for everyone that you could get lost. The more we make up out of necessity, for fun or simply to experiment by learning tricks and tricks, the more we will improve in creating a make-up suitable for the characteristics of our face. For example, small eyes are not easy to make up: which shades to use, is it true that the light ones are enough? Which pencil or mascara to choose, how daring with the products we like? Here's everything you need to know in order not to make mistakes and be able to create convincing make-up for small eyes for every occasion!

Small eye makeup: which shades to choose and how to apply eyeshadow

Generally, to enhance small eyes, make-up artists always recommend choosing very light satin, pastel, pearly shades and in fact it is on this type of eyeshadow that we can focus.

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However, dark personalities are not completely banned, provided they are well shaded, such as black, gray and dark brown: the important thing is that these shades are shaded, paying attention that they do not dirty the internal corners, where we must always make sure brightness so as not to further reduce the gaze.

Antique pink , for example, is a much loved shade that is easy to blend for those with small eyes, starting from a base color that is not too light but not too dark either. Ideal if we are learning how to apply eyeshadow. A little trick is also to mix a light nuance, which will act as a base, with a darker one that we will blend outwards. If you are thinking about a smokey eyes , the answer is yes, even better if in a mix of black and gray.

Pencil and eye-liner, essential for outlining the gaze and giving further depth

In addition to giving depth to our gaze by combining light and dark colors, two pencils will be fundamental: the well-known butter-colored one for the inner eye and which we can also use to illuminate the inner part of the eye, but also the black pencil that will help us to work on the depth of the gaze so as not to flatten it.

Another trick is to create a line in the upper rhyme of the eye that from being very thin tends to get bigger going outwards, always pointing upwards. It will be a very useful starting point for enhancing our make-up even with eyeliner which will further define the gaze: always be careful to create sinuous and thin lines that do not weigh down the eye.

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