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Sneakers revolution for Valentino with the “Open for a change” project

Elegant spring sneakers

Two iconic Valentino sneakers revisited in sustainable material: a small step in an ambitious and green project.

Small beginnings but which will lead to a real green revolution in the world of fashion, so that we will not only talk about what can be done to let fashion and green meet, but we will also wear clothes and accessories that make us feel doubly good about us themselves, because they are also respectful of the environment. And it is in this direction that high fashion is also moving: after Prada and its re-nylon, Valentino also inaugurated his perspective of sustainability : by reviewing two iconic sneakers of the maison and starting a green project.

Valentino’s sneakers mark the first step towards the “Open for a change” project

In step with new trends, with an aesthetic in full renewal, maison Valentino is attentive not only to the renewal of an image that binds the brand more and more to the evolution of the present but also to innovations , which in the world of the fashion system move towards sustainability. The objective of the companies is in fact to convert their collections and to create new ones while minimizing the impact on the environment , a discourse that involves garments and accessories.

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So Valentino starts from two of his iconic sneakers models, the Open and Rockstud Untitled , which are made for the first time with bio-based and recycled materials: this is the first redesign of an even broader initiative that takes the name of “Valentino Garavani Open for a Change .

The leather is thus replaced by a bio-based material in viscose and polyurethane , obtained from polyols derived from corn, which we find in the manufacture of the upper and in part of the side band of the Open sneakers, which also have recycled polyester laces, while the Rockstud they are also made of recycled nylon. The packaging is also sustainable, with the case in recycled cotton and the paper, completely recycled, coming from forests managed according to principles of sustainability.

How much do the Open and Rockstud Untitled Valentino cost?

The new Valentino Open for a change sneakers are available in different colors: the model is basically white but characterized by a different colored stripe, always distinguished by the project’s green lettering of the same name. The part price is 520 euros , with the exception of the model with multicolor studs instead of the characteristic strip which is 620 euros. They can be purchased both in boutiques and through the maison’s website .

The supply chain that participates in the production of this new sustainable model is traceable and European: these companies supplying sustainable material are also equipped with an analytical and systemic method that quantifies the effect of a product on the environment throughout its life cycle. . So as to be able to concretely quantify the impact.

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