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Sneakers with Y2K vibes: the return of New Balance, in the 2002R version

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The cult sneakers of the season will be the New Balance: the 2002R model is the most worn by celebrities and ready to enter our collection.

A pair of sneakers is difficult to throw away. They are the type of shoes that go far beyond their functionality and it is no coincidence that many look at their sneaker shoe rack as a real collection, because each model brings with it a slice of the brand's history, an expression of trend and innovation. That's why today wearing a New Balance 2002R will have a great meaning. In fact, the model is reliving a new era thanks to the Y2K trend and if you've never had them, this is the right opportunity to get to know them better and buy the new version that celebrates the past but looks to the present and perhaps even to the future.

New Balance 2002R: the story of a shoe since 2010

In reality, New Balances have been back around for a few years, no longer as niche shoes but as sneakers ready to dictate street trends exactly like Nike and Adidas. Thanks to the interest shown by top models such as Kaia Gerber who in 2021 wore the 990 , a lover as she is of the minimal sporty style, which then exploded in the comfy trend of recent years which has also brought the 550 back on track, New Balance designed in 1989 as basketball footwear.

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Someone on the top floors of the brand then thought of inventing something new, riding the declared love for all that is nostalgic and recounting these vibes in a new model that takes the name of 2002R .

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It is actually a declared inspiration from yet another model, the MR2002 , which incorporates and mixes the iconic features of New Balance: contrasting aesthetics, suede and mesh. The MR2002 were born in the 2000s – very expensive unlike the other low budget models of the brand and signed by the American designer Andrew Nissen – and today the creative director of the Japanese division has decided to give them an innovative gel sole, the N-Energy, introduced already in 2020.

How to combine the 2002R according to the Y2K trend

You must have already thought that the New Balance 2002R are the perfect model to combine with cargo trousers , this year really declined in every style: tailored, over, skinny, baggy, with elastic bands and large pockets, with a straight line or even ready to tighten around the leg , there are so many shades that these new New Balances, despite having a normcore appeal, will be perfect to wear for a comfy and lazy day at the office.

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But, the Japanese teach us with their street style look light years ahead, dare, because these New Balances will also go very well with long skirts, in denim but also with pleats . An original and sporty chic combination that we will wear on more than one occasion.

– Always in the wake of easy chic with a sporty appeal, who could not be the first inspiration if not Hailey Bieber , who already suggests the perfect spring look: beige shorts, oversized jacket with a vintage taste, Bottega Veneta hobo bag and New Balance 2002r worn with a pair of white terry socks, as historical fashion imagination wants.

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