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So real and precious as to be unattainable: it is Gabriela Hearst’s Demi Bag

Women's handbag

Spotted in the hands of Megan Markle and Rania of Jordan, the Birkin now has a rival: it's called Demi Bag and the royal ladies really like it

Probably for next year it will become a cult bag among influencers and fashion addicts looking for unobtainable bags to be found in the second hand world, in the meantime it is rumored that Gabriela Hearst 's Demi Bag is Meghan Markle 's favorite bag and that she has already conquered the heart of Rania of Jordan . A bag therefore with a real vocation, to whose prestige of being loved by royal ladies is also added exclusivity: it is not a bag within everyone's reach, because even if the price would not represent an obstacle, the designer has made it a bag art house. At least for now.

Demi Bag by Gabriela Hearst: sustainable luxury prêt-à-porter

In recent years, the world of bags continues to offer us refined, sometimes irreverent, sustainable designs, while also outlining a new way of carrying our bags: clutches that become maxi and worn on the arm, handbags that become precious bracelets or unexpected shoulder bags. The Demi Bag by Gabriella Hearst, a smaller version of the Nina, falls into the category of hand-carry cases but above all in the very few bags made by writing the history of sustainable luxury.

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99% of this handcrafted bag with extreme care is made of sustainable materials , which is why a clientele already fond of Gabriela Hearst or looking to make an informed purchase, this delightful handbag has immediately become the most loved by American high society.

In any case, the designer released it with some parsimony: 20 models in 2016 in a limited edition and donated to friends and chosen personalities. Having the Demi therefore is the prerogative of a select few, even among those who request it. Of course Megan and Rania, royal icons, could only be among the first in a waiting list that is renewed but which remains exclusive .

How much does it cost and why it is not easy to buy …. if not used

The exclusivity of this bag is already enough to let us understand how this bag is hardly within everyone's reach: the price is certainly high, like most of the luxury models, but even if you overcome the obstacle of the price it would remain a problem. In fact, Gabriela Hearst has created only a digital showcase, which allows you to choose the color and the model but not to order it.

Prices range from 2000 to 4000 euros depending on the model, smooth or croco, those are visible on the brand's website but to request it you must fill out a form and wait. The good news, however, is that on Vestiaire Collective you can find some models from 1000 to 1500 euros. Not bad!

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