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Soft and perfect for breakfast, here is the gluten-free plum cake with the Thermomix

Gluten-free plumcake with the Thermomix

Preparing the gluten-free plumcake with the Thermomix is ​​really simple. In addition, this recipe lends itself to three variations!

Finding gluten-free recipes suitable for breakfast is no easy feat. This is why we started cooking (or rather in the oven), to study a quick and easy recipe that could please everyone and we got to prepare the gluten-free plumcake with the Thermomix.

Perhaps an excess of laziness, perhaps the certainty of obtaining satisfactory results, make recipes with the Thermomix a real godsend. And if you don’t even need gluten-free flour preparations, then you really have no excuses: this soft and light plum cake is definitely for you.

Gluten-free plumcake with the Thermomix
Gluten-free plumcake with the Thermomix

How to prepare the gluten-free plum cake recipe with the Thermomix

  1. Combine the sugar, vanilla extract, oil and eggs in the jug and mix for 50 sec. Vel. 4.
  2. Incorporate the milk and flour and knead for 30 sec. Vel. 5.
  3. Finally add the yeast and let it go for another 20 sec. Vel. 4.
  4. Pour the mixture into a loaf pan lined with parchment paper and bake at 180 ° C for 45 minutes , doing the toothpick test before removing it.

If you do not have the Thermomix you can also prepare the gluten-free plumcake in the traditional way, it will still be excellent.

3 variants of gluten-free plumcake

How about preparing gluten-free mini yogurt plumcakes with the Thermomix, perfect for breakfast or a snack for the little ones? To make them, all you have to do is replace 125 g of milk with an equal amount of yogurt, white or fruit based on your tastes. You will feel what a soft cake! In this case , reduce the cooking time of the dough placed in the mini plumcake molds to 35 minutes .

The same goes for the gluten-free yogurt and vanilla plumcake with Thermomix. Replace 125 g of milk with an equal amount of yogurt, including vanilla, and perfume the dough with a teaspoon of vanilla extract. The latest delicious variant is the gluten-free orange and almond plumcake with the Thermomix. To make it, replace 50 g of rice flour with an equal amount of almond flour and, instead of milk, add 200 ml of orange juice, as well as its grated zest. Easy right?


The gluten-free plumcake can be kept under a cake bell for 3-4 days , as soft as just made.

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