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Solidarity health: Italian startups network to ensure the health of citizens

solidarity health

That technology has been able to improve people's lives is an undeniable fact, especially when development has made it possible to solve problems concerning people's health.

Healthcare innovations have proved crucial in some circumstances, such as during the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, during the period of health emergency, the whole sector benefited from technology, which allowed the digitization of numerous procedures and the acceleration of standard processes .

During and after the pandemic, therefore, digital applied to healthcare has no longer represented just an added value but a real need, capable of shaking a sector that for a long time has not been able to adapt to innovations.

This was possible thanks to those who have put their skills at the service of citizens to develop increasingly performing products and services , and to the collaborations that have been born between the various Italian startups that are protagonists of this progress.

These have in fact proved indispensable for solving some bureaucratic, access and management problems that have always been linked to Italian public health. So let's see what are the realities that have chosen to network to ensure the well-being and health of citizens.

solidarity health

The most virtuous joint ventures for digital and accessible healthcare

Speaking of 100% Italian realities, one cannot fail to recognize the value of CupSolidale , the Florentine startup, born in 2017, which offered all citizens the opportunity to quickly and fairly benefit from health services , especially when access to public health was severely limited by the pandemic emergency.

Thanks to a completely digital and user-friendly booking, management and payment system for services, CupSolidale has made it possible to shorten the long waiting times that characterize our healthcare system, making private healthcare accessible to all.

With over 1800 partners, including centers and specialist clinics that are part of the project, the startup is present throughout Italy and year after year records record numbers. In fact, in 2021 alone, there were over 100,000 bookings for specialist visits and exams (covid swabs, ECGs, magnetic resonances, blood tests and much more) made through the official website.

The success of CupSolidale is to be found in the fact that, in a simple, autonomous and fluid way, anyone can book a specialist service by identifying with a few clicks the closest center available at the time and day most congenial to the user. All at a controlled price.

With the common goal of making digital healthcare ever more efficient and accessible, several Italian companies have embraced the cause of Leonardo Aloi, CEO of CupSolidale, giving life to strategic collaborations.

Startup and digital health: all collaborations

This is the case of ScalaPay, the payment platform managed by Stripe, thanks to which today all citizens can pay the healthcare services booked on CupSolidale in 3 convenient monthly installments, without interest or commissions . In this sense, even large families or those less well-off can take advantage of the private health service without the fear of not being able to bear the costs necessary for more expensive specialist visits.

Similarly, the partnership between CupSolidale and DoctorApp was also born with the aim of simplifying the processes related to healthcare accessibility. The new synergy between the two Italian digital health startups thus manages to streamline bureaucracy and reduce waiting times for diagnostic services prescribed by family doctors and pediatricians.

In fact, upon leaving the clinic , all patients who have made a reservation with DottorApp receive a notification on their smartphone that refers to CupSolidale, so that they can quickly identify the center, the day and the most suitable time to carry out the specialist service required. In this way, it was possible to significantly reduce the waiting times between one visit and another, offering citizens a preferential lane to take care of their health.

Finally, the very recent collaboration between CupSolidale and Hippocrates Holding Spa, owner of the Lafarmacia brand, aims to "close the circle" and offer citizens a complete telemedicine service.

Lafarmacia is in fact the first completely Italian reality in the pharmacy sector, which aims to become the first socially responsible Italian pharmaceutical retailer.

The joint venture between the two companies represents a point of arrival for everything related to the health of people, who after completing all the necessary diagnostic visits, have the possibility to quickly find medicines and treatment tools and receive them. directly at home.

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