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Somatotropin: what it is and what effects it has

growth hormone

Somatotropin is a growth hormone. Let's find out what it is used for and what effects it has on the body.

Somatropin is a protein produced by the pituitary and with a fundamental role. It is in fact a hormone that regulates both growth and the correct functioning of the metabolism . Its presence is therefore essential for the formation of bones, muscles, liver and tissues, acting differently according to age.
In adults, for example, the somatotropic hormone no longer acts on growth but on the control of metabolism, proteins, fats and sugars. In any case, its presence or absence can lead to important conditions that are always good to know and take into consideration.

When taking somatropin is useful

Let's start by saying that before taking any drug , especially when it comes to hormones, it is always important to carry out a whole series of tests that reveal the condition of the organism and the actual need to take a certain "help".

growth hormone
growth hormone

As for somatomedin, which controls insulin, somatotropin should therefore be taken only if necessary and always on the advice of the attending physician who will also have to check the development of its intake so as to ensure that the quantity present in the body does not exceed those necessary to feel good.

Somatotropin use and effects: here are what they are

The hormone has important effects on the body and the same applies to the intake of somatotropin.
While its absence can lead to short stature, a delay in growth and sexual development in children, for adults it can lead to hypoglycemia , reduced bone density and muscle strength.

If present in excess, however, gh has equally important effects to be aware of.
In children it can lead to gigantism and delayed puberty while in adults it can lead to abnormal enlargement of the bones of the hands and feet and change in facial features.
For this reason it is essential to take it only in case of real need.

To check its values , specific tests must be carried out as this hormone is secreted at different levels throughout the day. A single sample, therefore, would not give an effective idea of ​​its correct presence in the body.

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