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Sparkling and luminous, the make-up that makes us beautiful even at the sea is a possible dream

Eye makeup

There are those who do not contemplate beach make-up, but who cannot do without it? We have the solution for you!

The make-up speech on the beach will always remain a topic of great debate: there are those who prefer to rely only on sunscreen and do not think about anything other than suntan – which is enough by itself to make us wonderful -, those who prefer nude make-up and those who love experiment with a simple make-up that recalls the sea and the atmosphere.

In fact, there is no shortage of palettes dedicated to the sea – think for example of the Lost in Amalfi line by Kiko – designed to enhance the face and eyes with specifically summer colors. The water and heat proof products are in fact designed to withstand the heat and for those who want it even at the temperatures of the beach, and it is on them that make-up addicted everywhere can count.

Summer make up: how to make up your face on the beach

Let's start with the face, which is always the principle of good make-up. It is essential, being summer, to focus on the choice of light-textured products , which enhance us but still make the skin breathe: a little advice is to mix the sunscreen for the face with a few drops of highlighter, to also extend to the neck and neckline.

In one go then base and sunscreen, then watch out for SPF 30 or 50 products. Then you can base the BB Cream, even that must be checked that it has a high sun filter. At Sephora you can find different brands, such as Collistar , with an ultra-light consistency. Then just add a pink blouse – wonderful and sparkling Kiko's Dolce Diva – to give more brightness to the face, a little thermal water to refresh the face every now and then, and the face will be summer vibes proof.

Beach lipsticks and eyeshadows: which shades to choose

Eyes and lips are a focal point of make-up, so we pay attention to the colors we choose, also taking into account our tan. The lipsticks with a lip stain effect are resistant to water and humidity and are particularly appreciated precisely because like a tattoo they remain undisturbed on your lips: candy pink, nudes, reds nuanced on coral, are the generally preferred shades.

For the eyes you can opt for a classic waterproof eyeshadow , mascara , even the waterproof one but also colored and not necessarily black – blue is perfect to recall the colors of the sea -, but something even more original won't hurt. Remember that this beach-proof make-up will make you feel more at ease than ever, and don't forget a thorough cleansing at the end of the day.

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