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Sparkling hair in one go: the hair gem trend is back, straight from the 2000s

Rhinestones in the hair

Among the Y2K trends, rhinestones in the hair are promising to be the new summer shine look, proof of influencer

It takes very little to unlock a memory, which if it can become a reality even better. Having said that, in addition to the braids and practical hair looks to tie the hair, a valid help also to resist high temperatures, in the cooler summer evenings the desire to wear a storm of rhinestones in the hair will be among the coolest trends fished out by the fashion archive according to the 2000s. And if yesterday it seemed like a hair look to be reserved only for special and celebrity events, today the influencers are thinking about normalizing this look.

Hair Trends 2022: rhinestones in the hair, the inspiration from the 2000s

More than ever in the summer we do not think of this sparkling hair tip as something exclusive: the ease with which we can create this hairstyle that in some way recalls the same effect as wet hair in the sun is certainly one of the most beautiful we can achieve in the summer season. .

Launched in the 2000s by pop stars, from Courtney Love to Britney Spears, often to emphasize a hairstyle or to give a touch of shine to a casual look, it returns to embellish an important hair look like the bridal one or to give a bit of summer vibes to our outfit. Among the influencers, the first to have made this leap into the past was Valentina Ferragni on Tik Tok who chose to enhance her wavy hair with rhinestones and then Clizia Incorvaia , who chose to add some rhinestones to her hair that was moved only in a few point, making this hair look even more natural.

However, by inserting #hairgem on Instagram, the inspirations you can find are many and what makes this hair tip even more attractive is that a simple and cheap device is enough to make it, easily purchased.

Hair gem, how is it made? Quick and easy with the Blinger

As soon as you write Blinger on Amazon you will discover that a device – a glitter gun – generally used to embellish gifts and fabrics can also be a very useful hair accessory. The models that you find available range from 12 to 31 euros , depending on the characteristics and the model, and allow you to use them directly on the hair: at that point the rhinestones will be fixed directly on your hair.

On Tik Tok, however, there are also those who think of some alternatives: the tik toker Katie Farhood in fact proposed a basic method, buying a handful of rhinestones and a cosmetic glue – Glued Spiking Hair Glue by Got2b -, then choosing to apply rhinestones to rhinestones with tweezers to achieve an even more precise effect. Getting rid of it is then very simple: rinse your hair in the shower or remove them one by one with a cotton swab.

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