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Spring cleaning for the body? You can thanks to the detox tips

detox diet

Purifying the body during the change of season is really helpful. Let's find out how to do it thanks to the spring detox diet.

Usually when winter ends and the warm season approaches we all dedicate ourselves to spring cleaning at home. To better face the new season, however, we should also dedicate a few weeks of deep cleansing to our body, which needs to eliminate the toxins and extra pounds accumulated in winter. Spring detox is a healthy habit that comes from grandmothers and is really simple to put into practice. In fact, a healthy diet, the right movement and a better lifestyle are enough to do this.

Spring detox diet: what it consists of

Following a detox diet means developing a few simple rules that can make a difference and help the body detoxify. This can be useful during seasonal changes and when there is a greater need to bring energy to the body.

detox diet
detox diet

Avoid fasting

It is often thought that following a detox diet implies fasting. In truth, however, this idea is completely wrong. In fact, to lose the extra pounds and purify yourself from any scars, it is enough to eat in a healthy and balanced way, perhaps avoiding packaged foods or foods rich in saturated fats. The advice is therefore to always consult a nutritionist in order to obtain a personalized diet suitable for personal needs. So stop skipping meals and fasting. The risk is in fact that of endangering health and without obtaining the desired results. Indeed, fasting would lead the metabolism to lower and all with unpleasant consequences once a normal routine is resumed.

Eat seasonal fruit and vegetables

Now that we have seen the importance of proper nutrition, we can move on to the rules to follow to detoxify the liver and intestines. A result that can be obtained by eating diuretic vegetables, such as artichokes, asparagus, fennel, carrots and broccoli. Even the consumption of fruit and especially citrus fruits and kiwis, rich in vitamin C, and pineapple, is excellent for combating water retention. The best is to make mixed smoothies based on fruit and vegetables and able to give a detox effect.

Choose healthier foods

As already mentioned, eating well is the key to detox for spring. To do it best, the advice is to replace refined cereals with wholemeal ones, sugar with honey, red meat with white meat, whole milk and aged cheeses with skimmed (or vegetable) milk and fresh light dairy products. It is also useful to consume plenty of oily fish, eggs (no more than twice a week), sprouts, legumes, dried fruit (especially almonds and walnuts) and fermented foods. Instead, alcohol, sweets, very fatty, packaged and fried foods will be eliminated (or reduced to a minimum).

Drink lots of water

To detox and lose weight you need to hydrate properly. To do this, it is best to always opt for natural water, preferring one with little sodium and a low fixed residue. Acting in this way, diuresis will be stimulated in a natural way and more waste will be eliminated. All for a greater detox effect.

Move a lot

Movement is also essential to detox. Obviously, as in everything, it is not necessary to exceed. If you are not a sports person, it is therefore advisable to start with some brisk walking. Later you can choose between extending the time dedicated to movement or going for a run or, of course, enrolling in the gym.

By following these simple steps and adding a good dose of rest at night, the spring detox effect will be really easy to achieve. And all with truly unexpected results in terms of weight loss, health and, last but not least, mood.

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