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Spumone al caffè, a sweet cream without cream made with the Thermomix

Spumone with Thermomix coffee

Perfect for a fresh break or to serve as a dessert, the coffee spumone with the Thermomix is ​​one of those recipes that will win you over at the first taste.

There is a recipe that literally drove everyone crazy : the coffee spumone with the Thermomix. It is true, this recipe can also be prepared without the robot, but it comes from one of its precious cookbooks. You will hardly find a quick and easy recipe like this, but above all tasty and fresh, perfect for the summer.

In fact, if we Italians really cannot give up the pleasure of coffee, it is also true that with the scorching temperatures it becomes more a sacrifice than a pleasure. So here comes the coffee spumone with the Thermomix and frozen milk. Few ingredients and less than 5 minutes and you can sit outside and enjoy it.

Spumone with Thermomix coffee
Spumone with Thermomix coffee

How to prepare the coffee spumone recipe with the Thermomix

  1. First, pour the milk into the appropriate ice molds and let it freeze . You can use the special bags if you don't have enough molds.
  2. Once the milk has frozen you can proceed with the recipe bearing in mind that the coffee spumone with the Thermomix can be made with the TM6, TM5 and TM31. Put the instant coffee and sugar in the cold jug and blend for 20 sec. speed Turbo.
  3. Then add the frozen milk and blend 30 sec. speed 10.
  4. Insert the butterfly and assemble everything 3 min. speed 4. Divide the spumone into glasses and serve immediately.

If you liked this recipe with fresh and quick coffee, we suggest you also try the coffee water cream : it is a light and perfect dessert for the summer.


The coffee spumone is very quick to prepare so we advise you to do it right now . Only in this way will you be able to appreciate its creamy consistency.

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