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Steroids, what they are: but abusing them affects physical and mental health


What Are Steroids? Let's find out together and see what they are for and why it is important never to abuse them.

Although some athletes abuse it, steroids should never be taken in excessive doses. The benefits that these hormones bring to the body are much less than the side effects that can appear after prolonged and massive use . Let's see what they are, what they are for and what damage to health they could cause.

Steroids: the meaning

Steroids, by definition, are hormones that the body naturally produces to support some important functions, such as development and growth. In themselves, therefore, they are fundamental for every person. The problem arises when you take the same hormones produced in artificial form. Some, in fact, use anabolic androgenic steroids , intravenously, in pills or in the form of other preparations, to improve physical performance. The use of this 'help' is especially widespread among sportspeople. It is good to underline that in Italy the law number 376 prohibits the use of steroids, but there are athletes who still manage to circumvent the rule.

However, always remember that steroids taken in excess carry various health risks . From liver dysfunction to hypertension, through acne, cholesterol increase and reduction of sex hormones. Not only damage on a physical level, it is also the psyche that is touched, with an increase in aggressive and violent attitudes. Finally, remember that problems can be irreversible. This means that they do not go away even when you stop taking the artificial hormones in question.

Steroids: what are they for?

After seeing what steroids are, let's see what they are for. As already pointed out, it is mainly sportspeople who hire them. The purposes can be different: to increase muscle mass and physical endurance, to continue training in the presence of physical problems and to have a more sculpted body. Teenagers are also often attracted to them, who start taking them with the hope of seeing their physique grow quickly. In conclusion, it should be noted that steroids, if taken in moderate doses, can help fight various problems , such as delayed puberty or to increase testosterone in elderly men.

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