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Stomach flu from Norovirus: symptoms and treatments


Norovirus intestinal flu is among the most aggressive of 2023. Let's find out the symptoms, the main causes of contagion and all the remedies.

2023 opened with different types of influences among which the intestinal one caused by the Norovirus is making more and more space. It is a particular flu state , highly contagious and with highly debilitating symptoms . An influence that is therefore very important to recognize in time in order to give you the right treatment and to heal as soon as possible.
Here, then, is everything you need to know about the Norovirus stomach flu.

Intestinal flu from Norovirus: what it is and how it is contracted

Let's start by talking about the Norovirus or Norwalk virus . It is a virus that belongs to the Caliciviridae family and which particularly affects acute gastroenteritis of food origin. Widespread, it is extremely contagious, especially in crowded places and where food is shared. At the same time, however, it regresses quite quickly, especially if well cared for.


Typically, this virus originates from infected waters, cross-contamination of food and contact with vomit, feces or even just saliva of those who already have the disease.
Contagion occurs approximately in 80% of cases , with an incubation ranging from 12 to 72 hours. Symptoms, on the other hand, tend to occur within 24 hours and last about three days.

What are the symptoms of noravirus flu?

The positive aspect of Noravirus intestinal flu is, without a doubt, the rather limited duration. What is worrying, however, is the entity. The course is in fact rather violent leading to a series of debilitating symptoms and able to exhaust the organism.
Among these, the best known are:

– Headache
– Nausea
I vomit
– Abdominal cramps
– Fever
Muscle pains
– Tiredness
– Asthenia
– Lack of appetite

These symptoms are usually severe but to a somewhat severe but not severe degree. However, it is always good to pay attention in case of elderly subjects, children, immunosuppressed or at risk for any other problem. Although a sort of immunity is created, it is important to know that this lasts for a few weeks. Reason why within some time it is possible to contract the virus again.

norovirus flu
norovirus flu

How to cure Norovirus flu

The very first thing to do when suffering from this flu is to avoid dehydration caused by diarrhea and vomiting. It is therefore essential to drink plenty of water, perhaps in small sips but without ever neglecting this aspect. Medical treatments vary from person to person and can only be prescribed by the attending physician.

These will be associated with rest, the consumption of light foods and, if prescribed, the use of drinks capable of replenishing the lost mineral salts. Based on the extent of the vomiting episodes, the doctor may subsequently decide to prescribe lactic ferments to help the body recover and to safeguard the microbiota.

In general, therefore, it is important to stay at home, drink a lot and obviously only natural water, light teas and, for those who feel like it, some light broths. As far as food is concerned, the consumption of lean meat, complex cereals such as rice or toasted bread, potatoes and Parmesan is recommended. Over the course of two or three days, you will feel better and better and more capable of consuming different and more complex foods.

How to prevent Norovirus

Avoiding this influence is not easy. However, there are hygiene rules that can help. The first is to always wash your hands, to always consume foods whose origin is known and to disinfect all surfaces with which infected people may come into contact. If you work with food or with children, these hygiene rules must be further strengthened in order to avoid the exaggerated spread of the virus which, although not serious, is really of great impact.

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