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Stomach pain: what to eat when suffering from this ailment

stomach ache

When you suffer from stomach pain, what to eat becomes very important both to avoid getting worse and to prevent the ailment. Here are the foods to prefer and avoid.

Suffering from stomach pain and what to eat are two closely related aspects. Food , in fact, can interfere in both positive and negative ways, offering an improvement in symptoms or the exact opposite. What matters, therefore, is to understand which foods are against stomach pain and which ones you should completely avoid.

Foods to avoid when suffering from stomach pain

When we talk about stomach pain and foods to avoid, we mean all those foods that for some people have a harmful effect, leading to heartburn and sometimes unbearable pain.

stomach ache
stomach ache

Assuming that the causes of stomach pain are many and varied, the constant of food and the action it has on this problem remains. Starting with the foods to avoid, it is therefore important to reduce or even eliminate those rich in fats or seasonings, those irritants such as tomato, onion, citrus fruits, chilli, garlic and pepper and those that cause swelling such as beans, broccoli and cauliflower.

For fruit it is also better to avoid dried fruit, bananas and figs, remembering that if it is poorly digested it is preferable to eat it between meals. Chewing gum and caffeinated drinks should also be avoided. Chocolate is to be banned and, finally, it is good to eat foods at room temperature.

Diet for stomach pain: the foods to prefer

Among the foods for stomach pain, on the other hand, all those cooked lightly and then steamed, baked or in a non- stick pan should be favored. As for the foods against stomach pain, yogurt, apples , rice, toast and white meats fall into the category. Some people also like fennel but it is a food that should be tried in small quantities first.

Regarding stomach cramps and what to eat, the advice is to have breakfast with low-fat yogurt and toast. At lunch you can eat steamed chicken with toasted bread or a plate of pasta seasoned with light vegetables while at dinner you can eat vegetables with a little rice. The use of extra virgin olive oil is obviously allowed.

By curing stomach pain with food, you will already have improvements in symptoms. Especially if you avoid going to bed immediately after meals and you choose to prefer small portions , perhaps inserting small snacks. What matters is to alleviate the symptoms, remembering that for an effective cure it is always advisable to consult a doctor in order to understand the causes of stomach pain and possible treatments.

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