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Stomatitis in children: symptoms, causes and treatments


Stomatitis is a problem that is particularly difficult to bear in children. Let's find out how to recognize it and what are the treatments.

Among the infections that affect the mucous membranes of the mouth and which occur in children is stomatitis. An infection that can have different origins and which is recognizable by some symptoms which, however, are always the same.
So let's find out everything that is important to know about stomatitis and how to recognize and treat it to make it last as little as possible.

Stomatitis: symptoms and possible causes

Let's start by saying that there are two types of stomatitis, the gingival one and the herpetic one.
The first, as well as the most common, is linked to a virus while the second, as the word itself suggests, is linked to the herpes simplex virus.


In rarer cases it can also depend on vitamin deficiencies (often due to incorrect nutrition) and severe stress.
Regardless of the origin of the stomatitis, the symptoms are sore throat, possible fever , bubbles and the appearance of white spots on the mouth, discomfort in the oral cavity and tiredness.

It is important to know that stomatitis is contagious and that it can be transmitted by air, therefore through sneezing, contact with towels, dishes or objects placed in the mouth by the little ones and saliva. For this reason, when a child suffers from it, he can easily infect others.

How to cure stomatitis

In case of symptoms that may suggest stomatitis (especially if there are white spots in the mouth), it is very important to contact the pediatrician.
The latter will evaluate whether to progress the disease (which generally lasts only a few days and then disappear on its own) or whether to administer drugs to speed up recovery. This depends on the extent of the problem, the symptoms and the child's ability to tolerate it.

In many cases, in fact, the little ones who suffer from it stop eating because of the discomfort in the mouth.
In general, also to prevent the problem from reoccurring or to ensure that recovery is rapid in this case, it can be useful to always take care of the nutrition of the little ones in the best possible way.
This must be rich in fruit and vegetables and including lots of water.

If the doctor believes that it is possible to wait for the stomatitis to heal on its own, it is possible to give the child relief through the use of propolis , honey, lactic ferments and tea tree oil. Before using them, however, it is very important, however, always ask for an opinion from your doctor.
In this way you will act with the certainty of not making mistakes and will contribute to doing your best to reduce the disease or its onset.

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