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Strawberries in pregnancy: what you need to know about their consumption

strawberries in pregnancy

One of the most common questions involving pregnant women is about the consumption of strawberries during pregnancy. Let's find out, therefore, if they can be eaten and what are the rules to follow.

The consumption of strawberries during pregnancy has always been a great unknown for those who, being pregnant, care about their diet. It is in fact one of the tastiest, colorful and cheerful spring fruits but also known to be a great allergenic.
For this reason, many people wonder whether or not you can eat strawberries when you are pregnant.
The answer, fortunately, is yes.
To succeed, however, it is important to prepare them in the right way and to know some basic information , useful for consumption in complete safety.

Eating strawberries when you are pregnant: what you need to know

Even if, as already mentioned, they are also approved for pregnant women, strawberries involve a series of risks so it is important to know them well before consuming them.
They are, for example, among the foods capable of stimulating histamine which in some subjects can trigger even serious allergic reactions. For this reason, if you have problems in this sense, before consuming them it is always better to ask your allergist for an opinion. And, in case you don't know whether you have an allergy or not, always start with small amounts.

strawberries in pregnancy
strawberries in pregnancy

Among other things, these fruits can transmit toxoplamosis , a disease which if you are not immunized can cause significant damage to the fetus. Luckily, there is a solution here as well. In fact, a careful cleaning of the strawberries is enough to avoid any risk.
Obviously, if you are not immunised, your attention must always be at its best, which is why it is better to avoid them when you eat out or are guests at a friend's house and you are not sure of their cleanliness.

By following the right rules, strawberries are certainly beneficial for the expectant mother and for the well-being of the fetus. They are in fact rich in vitamin C and iron and contain various antioxidants that are very useful during pregnancy. All reasons why consuming them is definitely recommended, as long as the right rules are followed.

How to wash strawberries during pregnancy: the rules to follow

As already mentioned, during pregnancy it is important to worry more about cleaning strawberries (as well as about all types of fruit and vegetables). To be on the safe side, it is therefore advisable to wash them with sodium bicarbonate , soaking them for a few seconds and rubbing them carefully in order not to damage them. In fact, bicarbonate is able to eliminate any microorganisms, one of which is toxoplasmosis.

With careful cleaning, the consumption of strawberries will certainly be more relaxed and able to bring benefits without running unnecessary risks . A good way to fully enjoy this fruit as good as it is fresh and colorful as well as perfect for making desserts (if cooked the problem disappears), fruit salads and even sauces to accompany main courses.

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