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Strawberry caipiroska

Strawberry caipiroska

Here are the ingredients and the recipe for preparing strawberry caipiroska, the summer cocktail par excellence.

Fruity cocktails are the most popular. If strawberries are involved then you can be sure that even the most reticent will be tempted to try it as in the case of strawberry caipiroska.

The suitable glass for serving strawberry caipiroska is the tall tumbler , perfect for holding ice and allowing you to sip this delicious cocktail with vodka and strawberry in complete comfort. Furthermore, if you really want to make it like a real bar tender, get the store and pour plastic glass: the ice cubes will remain whole, just as per tradition, and it is also excellent for crushing all the ingredients on the bottom.

Strawberry caipiroska
Strawberry caipiroska

How to prepare the strawberry caipiroska recipe

  1. First wash the lime under running water, then dry it.
  2. Roll it on the work surface to help the juices and essential oils escape, then cut the two ends and cut the pulp into quarters, removing the internal white filament. You will only need half of it.
  3. Gather the lime, the well-washed strawberries and the light brown sugar which dissolves more easily at the bottom of the tumbler glass (or rather the specific container we talked about before). Mash everything well with the muddler.
  4. Place the ice cubes in a plastic bag and beat them roughly with the meat mallet.
  5. Now pour in the vodka , cover with ice and mix. Decorate the glass with a strawberry inserted on the edge of which you will also have left the stem.

And here is a video to prepare this strawberry drink without the slightest mistake:

One of the most important aspects in making this cocktail is the choice of fruit. Opt for organic products , especially in the case of limes since the peel comes into direct contact with alcohol.

Variations and curiosities about the caipiroska

Caipiroska is the vodka-based variant of the famous Brazilian cocktail, the caipirinha . In fact, the main difference between the two is precisely the alcoholic part. In this specific case, the presence of vodka makes the flavor of the cocktail more neutral and, consequently, more suitable for pairings with fruit.

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The alcohol content of the strawberry caipiroska is 24° , the same as the traditional caipiroska . Furthermore, it is possible to make the peach and watermelon caipiroska in a completely similar way, two cocktails with a summer flavour.

To prepare a non-alcoholic version, replace the vodka with 150 ml of soda . In this case we will have the strawberry virgin caipiroska.


The strawberry caipiroska should be consumed as soon as it is made to prevent the ice from melting and watering down the cocktail.

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