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Stress fractures: everything important to know

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Stress fractures usually occur as a result of particular physical fatigue. Here’s what you need to know about it.

When we talk about stress fractures we mean micro fractures caused by a form of physical stress. This usually occurs when the body is subjected to too much physical activity .
It generally tends to manifest itself more in the lower limbs. However, there are ways to prevent it. So let’s find out how to recognize stress fractures, what they are and, above all, how to behave.

How to recognize stress fractures

In most cases, a stress fracture in the foot or elsewhere in the body occurs a few weeks after starting or increasing physical activity .

ankle exam
ankle exam

It is in fact a problem that can come from running or performing very heavy exercises or for which you are not yet prepared.
Recognizing a tibial stress fracture or metatarsal stress fracture is therefore quite simple. To do this just keep an eye on the following symptoms.

– Sharp pain in a localized point
– Hurt to the bone when you move it
– Formation of edema

Obviously, depending on the type of stress, fractures can be more or less severe. When they arise, therefore, it is very important to contact your doctor to understand how to move in order to heal as soon as possible. Obviously, in addition to any treatments it is important to follow a period of absolute rest, especially from physical activity.

Stress fractures: here’s how to prevent them

In general, for a stress fracture, the duration varies according to some parameters.
The rest period, therefore, can vary from case to case. And often in order to have an accurate diagnosis it may be necessary to do an X- ray or MRI.
To prevent the problem from occurring it is therefore very important to take care of your body and not get too tired and always follow physical activity in moderation and increasing the level of difficulty little by little.

In this way you will avoid problems in this sense and you will not find yourself having to stop for weeks only for exercises done in the wrong way.

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