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Stuffed peppers in the air fryer

Stuffed peppers in the air fryer

Stuffed peppers cooked in an air fryer are light and very digestible. The filling is a real delight, with minced meat and scamorza cheese.

For a light and digestible product, you have to try the simple recipe for stuffed peppers in the air fryer. In this small appliance, cooking is light and tasty , as well as fast. The peppers are devoid of fat, which would be present in normal cooking, and contain a very special filling. Once emptied of their interior, these must be filled with a mix of breadcrumbs, egg, speck and minced meat ; don't forget to add the scamorza , which will form a succulent crust on the surface. As genuine as they are substantial, these stuffed peppers are really full of energy !

Stuffed peppers in the air fryer
Stuffed peppers in the air fryer

Preparing the recipe for stuffed peppers in the air fryer

  1. Take the stale breadcrumbs and cut it into cubes . Put it in a bowl and cover it with milk.
  2. Let the crumb absorb all the liquid and then squeeze it .
  3. Transfer it to a clean bowl, together with the minced meat and the speck, cut into pieces . Also add the grated cheese and season with salt and pepper.
  4. Add the eggs and the chopped parsley, then proceed to mix everything and obtain a fairly compact mixture.
  5. Also cut the scamorza into cubes and set them aside, temporarily.
  6. Take the peppers, wash and dry them carefully. Then, cut them into two exact halves and empty all their insides.
  7. Fill each half with enough filling and cover by distributing the scamorza cubes on the surface.
  8. Place the peppers in the basket and drizzle a little oil on top.
  9. Cook them in the air fryer at 180°C for about 25 minutes . At the end, let them cool and serve them.
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Peppers stuffed with minced meat and scamorza cheese, cooked in an air fryer, are a tasty and substantial second course, but one you can't say no to. If you have leftovers, keep them in the fridge for 1-2 days , in an airtight container.

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