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Summer aperitif, instructions for use: what to wear on the beach and in the city according to the 2022 trends

Summer pants

The most relaxing and fun time of summer deserves the right attention to the look: here are some fashion tips for an aperitif on the beach and in the city

Before having lunch to whet your appetite and take a break from work before starting again or in the evening to treat yourself to some well-deserved time to spend in company and be enchanted in front of a sunset, the aperitif is one of those moments that with the lightness and the wonderful summer landscapes we love even more . Thus we begin to share this moment in the city with everyday friends and then on vacation with long-term or new ones, to embellish even more days of relaxation . That's why we need an ad hoc look that celebrates this moment but at the same time ensures the right comfort, elegance and ease, also depending on the time or location.

Summer 2022 aperitif look: in the city the look is minimal chic, long dresses or pants + top

The summer aperitif in the city is a moment of relaxation and fun that could await us after work whether at home or in the office and it is certainly the occasion in which we can opt for two types of looks depending also on our time and where we meet.

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– If we are leaving the office to indulge in a post-work aperitif, we aim for a minimal and basic look: linen trousers or a cool palazzo trousers combined with a tank top or a top with a blazer or a long vest and our it-bag there they find ready for the perfect versatile city outfit, promoted in the office and post. Sneakers or sandals will give the final thrust: more sporty chic in the first case, only chic in the second.

– If instead we are in smart working, let's give ourselves the pleasant feeling of changing the chapter with a sudden change of look: comfy yes but definitely feminine, focusing for example on a long or midi dress, like the cut model recently worn by Chiara Ferragni , chasing the latest trends. For the nuances bet on basic, neutral or earth colors.

Aperitif on the beach: jumpsuits, swimsuits or sarong dresses and skirts

The aperitif on the beach is even more popular than the one in the city: the desire to get lost in front of a sunset or to start the day after a fun evening with a meeting moment at noon with our holiday adventure companions. A moment like this requires a light look, putting aside any vanity or sophisticated fashion choices.

Swimsuit or bikini , the aperitif on the beach we can only imagine it with one of our swimwear: colorful and glittery models during the day, white, black or sequined at sunset are all we need and to add a long or short pareo skirt, a kaftan or a white dress, light and in crochet . Flip flop or more elegant slippers if the location is more chill and we are ready to choose our favorite drink.

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– Only if the aperitif is at sunset in the evening we can dare on a jumpsuit with a light and delicate fabric but with the right elegant touch that is suitable for a more sophisticated and evening location, to be combined with a pair of wedges or jewel sandals bass .

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