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Summer flu: what it is and how to treat it

summer flu

The summer flu is more common than you think. Let's find out how it comes and what are the cures.

Finding yourself with the flu in the middle of summer is easier than you think. This depends on various factors to which we do not pay attention because we are convinced that in the absence of the cold it is more difficult to get sick. The truth, however, is that the flu can be caught and transmitted practically all year round.
For this reason it is very important to understand what the triggering factors are in order to learn how to prevent it in the best possible way.

Flu in the summer? Here's why it comes and what it looks like

Getting sick in the summer means having a viral infection which, as we all know, is usually transmitted by airborne or direct contact.
Even if in the summer, therefore, in order to avoid it, all the rules commonly known to avoid getting sick apply. Although viruses are less powerful with higher temperatures, the presence of a generally weaker immune system should not be underestimated due to sudden changes in temperature, humidity, drafts and air conditioners often turned on at exaggerated temperatures.

summer flu
summer flu

In case of cold shivers or sneezing it is therefore important to be alerted immediately because the flu is most likely already active and requires the normal treatments that would be implemented during the winter season.

The cure for the summer flu

The flu that comes in the summer can come with or without a fever. In any case, the symptoms always remain the same. They range, therefore, from sore throats , colds and joint pains.
If you feel unwell it is very important to take a day off (even from vacation) and thus allow your body to recover quickly.

Then the normal rules on drinking well, not catching cold and paying attention to the various symptoms remain. If within a couple of days they do not go away on their own or if they tend to get worse, it is always good to consult your doctor in order to prepare any treatment.
If fever , diarrhea , vomiting or other symptoms that may indicate a more serious infection are added to the cold, it is very advisable to act immediately by contacting the doctor.
In this way you will be able to have a cure that allows you to heal within a few days and without complications.

How to prevent the flu

Now that we have understood that we are not immune to viruses despite the higher temperatures, it may be useful to find strategies to protect ourselves as much as possible from the risk of a summer flu which, especially in the case of fever, proves to be even more annoying than the winter one. .

The first thing to do is certainly to strengthen the immune system through a diet rich in fruit and vegetables. To this should be added good hydration with at least two liters of water a day. Fans and air conditioners should be kept on for a short time and, given that the latter are present in shops, shopping centers and supermarkets, it is always very important to pay attention not to enter the various rooms when you are hot or sweaty.

In case of perspiration it is important to take off the various clothes as soon as possible. Only by acting in this way and treating any influences in a timely manner will it be possible to enjoy good health throughout the summer. And all without much effort.

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