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Summer sleepiness: how to fight it naturally


Summer sleepiness is a common problem due to low blood pressure, heat, and other factors. Let's find out how to fight it naturally.

Feeling tired and sleepy during the day can be normal for several reasons.
However, feeling drowsy while working or engaged in various errands can be very difficult. Let's find out, therefore, which are the natural and simplest remedies to implement to counteract exhaustion and the desire to sleep during the day.

What are the causes of drowsiness

Let's start by saying that when you wake up tired or constantly sleepy it is very important to ask yourself, first of all, if you sleep well and sufficiently. In this regard, there are several strategies that allow you to improve the quality of sleep .
Other causes that are always important to consider include anxiety and stress, anemia and, of course, certain diseases such as hypothyroidism.


It is therefore very important to carry out all the necessary checks before considering any action. And only after the same can you opt for natural remedies and able to improve the situation.

Daytime sleepiness: how to fight it naturally

Generally, when feeling tired and sleepy, the first (and most common) choice is to drink coffee. In addition to the most energizing drink of all, however, there are other methods that can help. And, some of these are really simple to make and able to counteract tiredness and obviously drowsiness.

Drink a glass of water

The first method to stay hydrated is to drink fresh water. Especially in summer, in fact, weakness can be due to lack of hydration and this easily leads to sleepiness problems. Sometimes a glass can make all the difference.

Have a snack

Another way is to have a small snack. In fact, taking a few calories gives you the right energy to wake up and have more energy. From dried fruit to Greek yogurt , what matters is choosing something that is light and nutritious at the same time.


Sometimes getting up to take a walk is a good way to fight sleepiness. A bit like when you find yourself dozing off in front of a movie and once you get up you suddenly find yourself awake. In the most extreme cases, even doing some physical activity can help you wake up fully. The charge of endorphins will also help you feel more energetic than ever.

Take a nap

Sometimes, taking a nap can help to combat sleepiness. A little half-hour break can make all the difference and give you that extra energy that's always handy. Especially if you are studying or about to start a work shift.

Use aromatherapy

Aromatherapy also turns out to be able to improve things. From mint to rosemary, spices are in fact able to focus attention, stimulate concentration and improve mood. All acting as an alarm clock.

These methods are enough to be able to counteract the daytime sleepiness that is easily experienced in the summer. Both individually and in combination they can in fact allow more energy and more desire to do things.

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