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Summer smells of green tea: Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea essence is the must-have fragrance to take on vacation

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Among the iconic fragrances, Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden has been a promise of summer since 1999, to be given as a gift or given away

Summer smells of more delicate scents, such as those of fresh sheets or freshly laundered laundry, but also of the more decisive and fresh ones, the same iconic ones that Elizabeth Arden has been mixing since 1999 in an iconic fragrance that takes the name of Green Tea . But don't be fooled by the name, because the green tea that Arden offers us to wear with all those ingredients that we find in our favorite food and drinks in the summer. A fragrance to treat yourself and to give as a gift that knows no time, if not the rhythm of summer.

Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden: a light and iconic citrus fragrance

Revitalizing the body, stimulating the senses and reviving the spirit: these are the three essences that characterize Elizabeth Arden's Eau De Toilette, a light fragrance in which lemon, orange peel, mint, bergamot and green tea are mixed, giving life to an iconic essence. Among the perfumes most loved by your mothers and grandmothers you could discover the famous green bottle that from May to September from year to year, is one of the most desired and sought after perfumes.

Why is this essence so popular and it stands the test of time? The answer is always there, in its simplicity also well represented by the packaging: a green bottle engraved with a leaf and an inscription, an aesthetic that suggests something ancient and precious. This is why this green colored bottle can be the perfect gift for mothers, grandmothers and aunts but also for the friend who is passionate about vintage who loves to take a dip in the iconic must-haves of the past. A fragrance that does not just pamper our skin but also tone it thanks to its energizing ingredients .

Nectarine, Sakura, Pear, Lychee Lime Blossom: the new essences of the iconic green tea fragrance

Due to the great demand and the great love of the public for this fragrance, Elizabeth Arden has proposed new essences for her iconic Green Tea, with fresh, floral and fruity profanations: these are Nectarine with nectarine peach essence, Pear al pear blossom, Sakura with peach blossom essence and the latest just released Lychee Lime that mixes lichen and Mexican lime. The price of each of the essences of 15.90 euros.

For those who love the classic fragrance but are curious to try the other essences too, the Green Tea collection also includes sprays, lotions and body creams: it can be an excellent solution to try and discover more fragrances of the same line or to create an idea beauty care gift from summer vibes .

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