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Sunburn: what it is, what are the treatments and how to prevent it


Sunburn is a problem that should never be underestimated, let's find out what the treatments are and how to prevent it.

With the arrival of summer and greater exposure to the sun, getting burned (especially when going to the beach) is easier than you think. In more serious cases, however, simple burns can lead to sunburn. A problem certainly more painful and that deserves the utmost attention. Learning how to treat it immediately and how to prevent it is in fact essential for the well-being of the skin and for the general state of health.

How sunburn occurs and what are the symptoms

We speak of sunburn when, following an intense exposure to ultraviolet light, we find ourselves extremely red and with other symptoms that are typical of this problem.
These are usually extreme redness of the skin, blistering of the skin, pain in the red area and having a fever and/or chills .
When one or more are accused, it is always good to prepare immediately to remedy the sunburn which otherwise could prove to be even more serious.


Usually the problem tends to appear about an hour after exposure to the sun. In some cases, however, it can occur even earlier, even leading to extreme weakness and fainting.
If it is not serious, it is a problem that tends to resolve itself within a few days. In the meantime, you can use ice packs and soothing creams to bear the pain.

In this regard, it is good to know that the vesicles can become infected and therefore it is advisable to check yourself well until complete recovery. Furthermore, following multiple burns, the risk of contracting skin melanomas increases. Reason why it would always be better to avoid this situation and move in order to prevent possible burns.

How to avoid sunburn

Avoiding sunburn means following all those prevention rules that you often hear about but are rarely taken with due attention.
The use of protective creams is essential for the well-being of the skin and at the same time it is also that of protective clothing and large hats or umbrellas if you spend most of your time at the beach or in the pool.

It must also be considered that each person has a different skin type and that for this reason the reaction to sun exposure tends to change. When you feel red, therefore, it would be advisable to avoid the sun by moving to shaded areas. And this even if you use sunscreen .
The power of the sun should not be underestimated even when you are in the car or behind the windows. In fact, the rays filter through them, exactly as they do when you are in water.

Furthermore, although few are aware of it, the sun's rays can be strong even on foggy days or when the sun's heat is not felt. Those with very fair and delicate skin should therefore pay close attention in any case. Only in this way will it be possible to enjoy the benefits of the sun while avoiding its risks and guaranteeing a pleasant summer without burns which can often ruin an entire holiday forcing one to bed due to pain, chills or fever.

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