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Swearing Syndrome: Tourette’s disease can subside after age 25

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The swear word syndrome, whose technical name is Tourette, especially affects children and tends to regress by the age of 25.

What is bad words syndrome? Called in technical jargon Tourette's syndrome, from the name of the one who isolated it for the first time, it is a pathology that begins to manifest itself at an early age. In most cases, the symptoms, sometimes disabling, tend to lessen around 15/16 years and regress at 25 years. Let's see the causes and what are the treatments.

Swearing Syndrome: Causes and Symptoms

Tourette 's syndrome, or swear words, is also known as the disease of a thousand tics. It generally appears in children between 5 and 7 years of age, especially boys, and regresses by the age of 25 . The causes are not yet fully known, but doctors agree in establishing a certain genetic predisposition in subjects who develop the disease. In the same way, however, a malfunction of the extrapyramidal system of the brain and some infections of the still underdeveloped nervous system also seem to affect.

The symptoms of Tourette's syndrome are different and can also differ according to the severity of the disease. In patients, uncontrolled movements are observed, accompanied by involuntary sounds and vocalizations. From the blinking of the eyes to the twisting of the neck, passing through profanity, curses and meaningless phrases.

It is good to underline that we speak of the syndrome of a thousand tics only when the involuntary physical gestures, combined with the vocal ones, remain for more than a year . Usually, the symptoms subside after the age of 15/16, becoming almost completely controllable after the age of 25.

How is swearing syndrome treated?

The diagnosis of Tourette's syndrome does not involve any specific instrumental examination. To date, in fact, there are no ad hoc tests to establish the disease. In any case, some tests are carried out to rule out the presence of other pathologies, namely the electrocardiogram and blood tests . Only afterwards, a team composed of neurologist, psychologist, psychiatrist, child neuropsychiatrist, social workers and pedagogists, will be able to agree on the appropriate therapy . In conclusion, it should be noted that Asperger's syndrome and that of profanity are not the same thing. In appearance they may seem similar, but they have neither the same symptoms nor the same cure.

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