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Sweet and sour Carnival salad: the colorful side dish you don’t expect

Sweet and sour Carnival salad

It is difficult to find a more colorful side dish than the one we are about to present to you: here is the sweet and sour Carnival salad.

We could only associate this delicious sweet and sour salad with the joyous celebration of Carnival, which is prepared with a mix of raw and cooked vegetables and then sautéed in a pan with sugar and balsamic vinegar… A sweet and sour flavor that will allow you to combine this rich side dish with different types of dishes; but you can also use this vegetable salad as an interlude between the various courses of the rich Shrove Tuesday menu, which must be honored as it should be before the "lean" days of Lent (at least, for believers).

Sweet and sour Carnival salad
Sweet and sour Carnival salad

Preparation of the sweet and sour Carnival salad

  1. First boil the fine peas in salted water. Drain them and set them aside, pouring them into a bowl.
  2. In the same bowl, julienne the pre-cooked carrots and beets (which you can find in the supermarket, in the refrigerated section) using a grater with large holes.
  3. Finely reduce the raw fennel by cutting it with a knife, then also thinly cut an orange, which will give a particular flavor to everything.
  4. Once all the ingredients have been mixed together, season them with a little salt and a few rounds of extra virgin olive oil and add pine nuts and raisins to taste.
  5. In a pan with a non-stick bottom, dissolve the brown sugar in a few spoonfuls of balsamic vinegar, then pour in the vegetables from the bowl and mix for a few minutes , until they have acquired flavour.

Serve your sweet and sour Carnival salad as a side dish to various dishes, for example we recommend a good baked salmon !

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