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Sweet and tasty Procida languages

Languages ​​of procida

The Procida languages ​​are excellent for breakfast while still hot, but also as a dessert after lunch or dinner.

This dessert is also known as the tongues of ox because the shape closely resembles the language of the animal , but this is not the only name by which the languages ​​of procida can be called. In some villages, in fact, they are also known as mother-in-law languages ​​because being large, they are associated with talking too much about the mother-in-law . They are a typical product of the island of Procida and the original recipe calls for the use of puff pastry and lemon cream as a filling.

Procida, in fact, is known for having excellent lemons , even tastier and more fragrant than those that can be found on the coast. It is a smart recipe because it is prepared in a few minutes and for this reason it can also be considered a quick and easy recipe. In addition to being a typical dessert of the island of Procida, in recent years it has also become a typical dessert of Ischia, the two Neapolitan islands are very close. However you decide to bring them to the table, success will be guaranteed.

Languages ​​of procida
Languages ​​of procida

Preparation of the recipe for the languages ​​of Procida

  1. To prepare this dessert, the first thing to do is to make the custard . Wash the lemon well and remove the peel with a potato peeler.
  2. In a saucepan, mix the egg yolks with the sugar and sifted flour. Then, also add the lemon peels and 250 ml of milk. Bring the mixture to the heat and let it thicken , stirring constantly over low heat. After that, let the cream cool.
  3. Roll out a roll of puff pastry and form the tongues with a pastry cutter, rectangles are fine too.
  4. Add the cream on half of the tongues, taking care to leave the edges free . To make them adhere well, brush them with egg white and cover with the second sheet.
  5. Brush the surface with egg yolks, milk and sugar. Bake at 200 ° C for about 30 minutes.
  6. Remove from the oven, let your sweet Procida tongues cool.

The history of the languages ​​of Procida

According to various testimonies, the inventor of the languages ​​of Procida is Pasquale Mazziotti , a pastry chef who moved to the island in the 1950s. Never was an invention more appropriate, today, in fact, this dessert has become the symbol of the island , a bit like the babà for Naples. Currently there are several reinterpretations of this dessert, such as filled with chocolate, cream, etc.


Procida tongues can be kept for a day wrapped in cling film, as they are very good even cold.

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