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Sweet, spicy, sensual and decisive: these are the perfumes to give and treat yourself at Christmas 2022

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Charm, mystery and personality: the perfumes to give or treat yourself at Christmas 2022 talk about who will wear them

Just like fashion, which is becoming increasingly inclusive, adaptive and personalized, the parfum collections also focus on increasingly varied and genderless fragrances that can meet the style and personality of those who will wear them. Giving a perfume therefore is telling whoever will receive it how we perceive it, giving it to yourself is choosing to wear the fragrance closest to your sensitivity or maybe deciding to change and try something new, simply by daring. What message do you want to give or treat yourself this Christmas 2022? Here are the most beautiful perfumes to say yes to, surprise and surprise yourself.

Perfumes for women Christmas 2022: the sensuality of Chanel, the elegance of Armani

The years go by but he always remains there, timeless and with an intact charm: the drops of Chanel n°5 accompany us not only to make our nights more sexy and pleasant – as Marilyn told us -, but also to make our days more delicate and at the same time decisive. The perfect gift for the fashion addicted friend of Chanel, for the mother, irreplaceable, and for those who love iconic fragrances: a mix of aldehydes and flowers, neroli, May rose and jasmine in a breeze of citrus and vanilla notes. The price starts from around 63 euros for the 35 ml pack.

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A hymn to life, to joy, told by the naturally elegant beauty of Cate Blanchett, by Giorgio Armani is a combination of floral notes of blackcurrant and freesia with a base of patchouli and vanilla, an energetic floral fruity and designed for charismatic and volcanic women . Sweet and delicate, also a symbol of the unmistakable Made in Italy style, it is a fragrance dedicated to all women who are not afraid to fully experience life and its new challenges. The price starts from 55 euros for the 30 ml of the classic, also available in the Passioni and intense editions, even more enveloping and decisive variants.

Floral dreams by Gucci, the enveloping notes of Dior

This year we said goodbye to the era of Alessandro Michele but the appeal, taste and aesthetics that the designer and stylist gave to Gucci and also to his floral garden are indelible: from Bloom to Flora , the lovers of floral fragrances they cannot give up one of these bottles with sophisticated and refined packaging. Romantic Bloom with its jasmine, tuberose and Chinese honeysuckle fragrance, delicate and fruity Flora, with patchouli base, heart of gardenia and top mandarin. The price starts from 64 euros for the 30 ml.

There are several iconic perfumes that Dior has given us but the absolute icon is still today J'Adore, a fragrance of which the actress Charlize Theron remains the irreplaceable ambassador and which is still enclosed today in a bottle that alone is enough to win the attention for approach this fragrance composed of the essence of ylang-ylang, damask rose from Turkey in a mix of grandiflorum jasmine from Grasse and sambac jasmine from India with a fruity sensuality. A seductive fragrance with oriental charm. The price starts from 60 euros for the 30 ml.

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