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Swordfish carpaccio

Swordfish carpaccio and pink pepper

Among the appetizer recipes, swordfish carpaccio is the quickest and most popular: let's find out how to do it together!

With the arrival of the summer, full-bodied dishes rich in seasonings give way to light and fresh dishes . Raw swordfish carpaccio falls fully into this category: very few ingredients are needed to prepare it (you can barely get to three, including the fish), but for this very reason they must be top quality.

The key to the success of sword carpaccio is all in the fish: it must be chosen chilled and of the highest quality. The ideal would be to have it sliced ​​directly at the fish shop, so as to avoid that a wrong cut could ruin the meat. Then follows a marinade and the appetizer is ready to be served!

Swordfish carpaccio with pink pepper
Swordfish carpaccio with pink pepper

How to prepare marinated swordfish carpaccio

As mentioned, you need to buy top quality chilled swordfish so you can consume it without cooking.

  1. The fish should be cut into very thin slices , maximum 2 mm and to obtain a perfect cut either use a slicer or a very sharp knife. Alternatively you can buy it already sliced ​​at the fish shop.
  2. Make a marinade in a container with milk, oil, lemon and peppercorns.
  3. Transfer the swordfish slices to the airtight container .
  4. Close the container and place it on the lowest shelf of the refrigerator for a time that can vary from 2-3 hours up to even overnight.
  5. Once the marinade is finished, drain it and leave it at room temperature for a few minutes before serving.

We recommend a pairing with rocket or songino salad : the two flavors go perfectly together. To create a finger food recipe, place the fish slices on croutons or bruschetta. Also try all our recipes with swordfish : a real delight!

How to process swordfish

If you want to cut the fish at home, first of all you must, as mentioned previously, make sure that it has been correctly killed . Buy a slice only from your trusted fishmonger to be sure of the origin and processing.

Furthermore, to obtain an impeccable result, we recommend placing the fish in the freezer for a few hours before starting the preparation: this way it will be much easier to slice it and the aesthetic result will be better. You can cut it by hand with a very sharp knife, but if you have a slicer at home, you will get an even more precise result.


We recommend consuming the carpaccio immediately after preparation.

However, if you love starting a meal well , here are also many recipes for impeccable fish starters !

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