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Tahdig: the special Persian rice in golden crust


Tahdig is an oriental first course, simple and fragrant. Following the easy recipe, here’s how golden-crusted Persian rice is made.

Tahdig is a typical Persian product, much loved both in the East and in the West. Its original recipe has spread around the world and, nowadays, extra ingredients , such as spices or yogurt, appear in some versions. The basic preparation can be summarized in a similarity closer to Italian cuisine: it consists of a crispy saffron rice.


Preparation of the recipe for tahdig

  1. Before starting, put the rice to soak in cold water. After 30 minutes, rinse it off 3 times .
  2. Next, transfer it to a pot full of water. The liquid should reach up to a couple of centimeters above the surface of the rice.
  3. Cook on the stove, after having salted the contents. When it comes to a boil, cook for another 6 minutes . Then, drain and let it cool.
  4. Meanwhile, heat 1/2 glass of water in a saucepan. Transfer it to a cup and, when it is still boiling, add the saffron a little at a time . Meanwhile, stir to completely dissolve this powder and leave no lumps .
  5. Take a saucepan and cut out a circular piece of parchment paper, a little wider than the bottom of the pan. Place it right on the bottom of the pan.
  6. Pour the oil and half the quantity of butter over the sheet. Turn on the stove to melt the butter.
  7. When the mixture is melted and amalgamated, turn off and pour half of the water and saffron mix.
  8. Fill the saucepan with the rice, using a spoon.
  9. Once done, cover with the other half of saffron and water. Spread the other half of butter ( cut into chunks ) along the perimeter of the rice surface.
  10. Season with a handful of salt and start cooking the tahdig.
  11. Cover with a lid, which you must then cover with a clean cloth .
  12. Cook over medium-low heat for 8 minutes . Lower the heat to low and continue cooking for another 30 minutes .
  13. At this point, turn off the stove, but leave everything in the pot for another 10 minutes.
  14. After this time, you can remove the tea towel and lid. Carefully, place a plate on the saucepan and turn the product upside down, sliding it onto the plate. Now it’s ready!

What is “tahdig”?

This term indicates the ” bottom of the pot “. Right on the bottom, a crunchy golden crust is created which, after turning the product upside down, passes to the surface. The recipe for this Jewish first is made with basmati rice , which is cooked in a pot together with saffron . While the inside remains moist and soft, the crust that goes to the surface becomes firm and crunchy, creating a delicious contrast.

Its preparation involves a technique calledpilaf “, which has ancient origins and consists precisely in this particular cooking of the rice, from which a set of shelled grains is obtained. According to some testimonies, this first dish was prepared for the first time for Alexander the Great , on the occasion of the conquest of the city of Samarkand. From the 10th century, however, this recipe appears in the book of the famous Persian doctor Avicenna.


Serve tahdig, or Persian rice with a golden crust, for lunch to amaze your guests. You can keep it in the fridge for 3 days , in a container.

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