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Tan with beer, truth or hoax?

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Is it possible to get a tan with beer? Let's see if this old urban legend corresponds to reality or not.

Getting tanned with beer is possible, but, before proceeding with the tan, it is good to know all the contraindications of the method that has its roots in the mists of time. This alcoholic drink is capable of attracting the sun's rays to the skin, but not all that glitters is gold. Let's see the side effects to keep in mind.

Tanning with beer: truth or urban legend?

An old urban legend says that getting a tan with beer is possible and is also a rather quick method. Perfect drink for the summer, especially when the scorching heat is stifling, there are many who claim to also use it as a tanner. The merit, in theory, should be hops, which would allow the sun's rays to take root on the skin at the speed of light. This, broadly speaking, is the creed of the proponents of the DIY beer tanner.

The reality of the facts, however, is quite different. Those who use it, in fact, claim to vaporize it on the body, slightly mixed with water, after the classic application of sunscreen. By doing so, the protection of the epidermis would be ensured. In truth, this DIY remedy is highly discouraged because it could create a lot of problems / damage to the skin.


Get a quick tan with beer: watch out for contraindications

Before thinking about mixing oil and beer to tan , keep in mind the contraindications :

  • beer does not contain sunscreens, so sunburn is just around the corner;
  • alcohol on the skin can cause allergic reactions, resulting in rashes and blisters;
  • the evaporation of alcohol can dry out the skin and promote rashes and burns;
  • being a vasodilator, alcohol could promote local irritation and make the skin more sensitive to the sun and atmospheric agents.

If you really want to try to tan with beer, use it with extreme moderation only in the cooler hours, that is, until 9 am and after 6 pm. Consider, however, that you could also damage the skin. At the most, choose packaged products that contain beer, studied ad hoc by expert personnel and not by improvised 'hobbyists'.

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