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Tear off white hair, for 1 that goes away it grows 7: truth or legend?

girl checking hair mirror

Pulling white hair: a good technique or a legend that is completely counterproductive? Let's find out the whole truth.

Have you looked at your mirror and noticed some white hair? For sure, the first thing that came to your mind is the old legend that grandmothers and mothers grew up with: pulling white hair is the same as making many, many others appear. Is it the truth or is it yet another myth to dispel?

Pulling out gray hair: a good choice or a bad idea?

An old urban legend, repeated like a mantra by grandmothers and mothers, says that it is forbidden to pull white hair because, for one who flies away, seven of them grow back. Is it a truth or a fake news born in unsuspecting times? Although for some it will be a similar disappointment to the discovery of Tweety's sex in the cartoon Sylvester the Cat, know that removing white hair from the hair does not involve any progressive growth . It is just a legend, nothing more.

A hair bulb always contains a hair and this does not change even when it comes to white hair. Therefore, filling a hair will always and only grow back one . However, it should be noted that this is not a recommended practice. The reason? Pulling white hair, like everyone else, is a trauma that can trigger two reactions.

First, more sebum is produced and the hair will grow thinner, then the trauma may not make the hair grow anymore. If you don't like a salt and pepper or total white hair , remember that there are other solutions: the cut, perhaps designed specifically for the need, or the color, which can be chemical or natural .

White hair: the factors to consider

It is often said that worries and many thoughts contribute to the growth of white hair. Is this also fake news? Not entirely. In fact, in addition to genetics, which obviously is always to be taken into consideration and is responsible for many of a person's physical changes, stress and an unhealthy lifestyle should not be underestimated.

These two aspects can greatly affect the early appearance of white hair. It is therefore important to always take care of your psychophysical well-being to avoid that its neglect is the reason for their appearance!

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