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Tender and succulent, prepare the pork ribs in a pan

Pan-fried pork ribs

Tender and simple to prepare, pan-fried pork ribs are a truly tasty second course of meat. Here is our recipe.

Meat second courses are among the best cooked ever because in their simplicity they can be successfully created even by the least experienced in the kitchen. Pan-fried pork ribs, for example, are prepared with few ingredients and, although the cooking times are longer than those of oven cooking, they ensure that the meat is soft and juicy.

Once the preparation has started, the ribs in the pan do not require much attention: turn them from time to time so as to obtain uniform cooking and to prevent them from burning. Are you curious and can't wait to get started? Let's find out together how to prepare pork chops in a pan with very few ingredients !

Pan-fried pork ribs
Pan-fried pork ribs

How to prepare pan-fried pork ribs recipe

  1. To prepare the pan-fried pork ribs, begin by heating the oil with the garlic clove and rosemary in a pan.
  2. Then add the ribs and brown them on both sides for a few minutes then add the white wine .
  3. When you no longer smell alcohol rising from the pan, add a glass of water and start cooking the meat. Keep the heat low and put the lid on.
  4. Cook the ribs in the pan for about an hour or until the meat begins to detach from the bone and only lastly season with salt and pepper . During cooking, if necessary, add a glass of water to prevent the bottom from burning.
  5. Serve the freshly made ribs when they are still hot , accompanying them with a side dish of your choice.

The best way to accompany pan-fried pork ribs (this is another name to indicate the same cut of meat ) are chips, fried or baked , but even a simpler green salad will be fine!

Very tasty and equally simple to prepare are baked pork ribs ! If you are looking for a traditional recipe for pan-fried ribs, we recommend you try pan-fried rosticciana .

Finally, to discover all the secrets of this preparation, here's how to marinate the ribs perfectly!

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