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The Batman effect: what it is and why it helps to overcome difficult situations

Super heroes

Among the many ways to take care of yourself and improve yourself there is also the Batman effect, a particular way that helps you persist in what you do.

Working for yourself and to achieve a goal often collides with difficulties that in the long run can lead to giving up and changing direction . To prevent this from happening, both as a child and as an adult, it has recently been proven that there is a very special way to change things.
It's called The Batman Effect and consists of creating a sort of imaginary alter ego to refer to in the most difficult moments. Let's find out better what it is and how to implement this "special power".

The Batman Effect: what it is and what it is for

More and more studies show that creating a sort of imaginary alter ego with special powers or considered particularly good is a good way to face and overcome some obstacles that would normally be difficult.
We're not talking about a form of dissociation or to believe that you are not (in which case we would be faced with a problem) but to create a sort of imaginary ally that is able to increase self-esteem and give new points of view when you find yourself in moments of serious difficulty.

Super heroes
Super heroes

Having in mind an important character who is able to overcome any conflict in fact allows the mind to abstract itself from the present problem and to look at it from different angles.
A modality that gives greater creativity and which allows, through storytelling, to change things for the better and to find ways out even where they would never have even been perceived before.

An effect called, in fact, The Batman Effect and which refers precisely to super heroes and studies that over the years have shown how children, if they imagine themselves in the guise of their heroes, are able to become stronger and more skilled in what they do. Even in the entertainment world there are examples of famous people like Adele or Beyoncé who have admitted to having used this method of the most difficult moments and having thus obtained greater results.

How to implement the Batman Effect

This way of thinking is much easier to implement than you think.
To do this, it is enough to create a sort of imaginary alter ego in the mind, always ready to help us in difficult moments. To be honest, some studies have shown that there may be even more imaginary alter egos linked to different fields. Obviously, their function will only be to help us see things from another perspective and then go back to thinking and acting on our own.

One of the main aspects of their function is to allow a momentary detachment from the difficult situation and the emotions one feels about it. This helps to see things from a different perspective, to have a broader mind about possible solutions, to increase self-control and to build courage. All aids that allow you to achieve better results and with an increase in self-esteem.

Each person can implement this technique as they prefer and today there are even psychotherapists who help in this regard. Which demonstrates how this technique is more valid than you think. Above all because it is not to refer only to the little ones but to people of all ages and who, according to their needs, will be able to decline everything in their own way, always obtaining different benefits.

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