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The benefits of radiofrequency for beauty

face radiofrequency session

In recent years, the world of aesthetics has made great strides.

Among the trends that are impossible to ignore, it is possible to include that of radiofrequency, used both for the face and for the body. Given the absence of invasiveness and the possibility of appreciating results quickly, there are many centers that buy or rent machinery that allow you to take advantage of its advantages (one of the main reference points for rental is ).

What is it about exactly? We try, in the following lines, to answer this question together.

face radiofrequency session

What is Radio Frequency?

Capacitive radiofrequency is a technique increasingly appreciated by beauty professionals (both beauticians and cosmetic surgeons). It is an approach that sees the principle of diathermy in the foreground.

According to the latter, following the application, at the tissue level, of an energy, in this case heat, a particular phenomenon can be appreciated, also thanks to the passage of electromagnetic waves. What is it about exactly? Of the displacement of the electric charges naturally present in the tissues.

The contrast between the aforementioned charges and the resistance caused by the tissues themselves generates heat which, in turn, favors the synthesis of collagen by the fibroblasts. The result of increasing the levels of just mentioned protein, the most abundant in our body, is a clear rejuvenation.

One thing much appreciated is the natural effect: since it affects the efficiency of the cells responsible for skin compactness, no one realizes that an aesthetic treatment has been used.

In which situations is radiofrequency used?

Radiofrequency machines – which depending on the intensity of the waves can be used by beauticians rather than by aesthetic doctors – are called into question in various circumstances. Among these it is possible to include the desire to counteract signs of aging such as wrinkles.

Radiofrequency is often called into question also against skin laxity. Also not to be forgotten is the use of this technique as part of protocols aimed at reducing two very hated blemishes, namely stretch marks and cellulite.

Types of radiofrequency

For the sake of precision, it is appropriate to remember the existence of different types of radiofrequency. Here are all the details about it:

  • Monopolar radiofrequency : with this expression, the aforementioned capacitive radiofrequency is called into question. The treatment involves the use, by the operator, of a handpiece. An electrode was attached to the latter, which in turn was covered with a material with no electrical conductivity. Also not to be forgotten is the presence of a return plate. The main feature of monopolar radiofrequency consists in delivering heat in a pleasantly uniform way – the person undergoing the treatment does not feel pain either during or after – reaching important depths. In fact, the treatment can involve layers of skin up to the hypodermis. It is no coincidence that this type of radiofrequency is used when there are indications such as localized fat deposits and edema, without forgetting cases characterized by an important level of water retention.
  • Bipolar radiofrequency: in this situation, we are dealing with an equipment characterized by the presence of a handpiece with two poles. The device generates a current which propagates in the space between them. This type of radiofrequency is the most used on the face as it allows you to appreciate a pleasant lifting effect.

Are there any cons?

More than against it, we should talk about things to know before undergoing treatments. The main one concerns the fact that, in principle, to appreciate the results it is necessary to undergo a number of sessions between 5 and 10.

Furthermore, since time passes and leaves its marks on both the body and the face, the results are not permanent. Therefore, it is essential to periodically undergo maintenance sessions.

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