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The benefits of the air fryer

Air fryer

Is it really possible to fry without oil?

The answer is yes because technology has brought an essential appliance to the market for those who love fried foods but without jeopardizing the swimsuit test. Despite a certain initial skepticism, these kitchen appliances have become very popular because they allow you to cook food without oil (or with negligible minimum quantities) obtaining a delicious fragrance to say the least.

So here's a list of the benefits of air fryers along with some tips to get the most out of their operation.

Air fryer
Air fryer

A panacea for the health conscious

Fried in boiling oil is tasty and indispensable but, unfortunately, we must limit the quantities we ingest. With the air fryer, on the other hand, you can feel calm and serene and enjoy the fried food you've often wanted to give up without compromising your diet or health. In fact, the foods prepared with the air fryer are delicate and light, much more than cooking in the oven. The air fryer , in fact, activates a powerful jet of hot air that fries to perfection without greasing or weighing down the food.

Less fat, more health

Basically, with a minimal amount of oil , a spoon at most, you can fry multiple portions of food and use it for chips, dough and any other delicacy you've ever cooked through traditional frying. This way you considerably reduce the amount of unsaturated fats you used to eat and your health will thank you. In particular, you will avoid those fats that cause damage to the cardio-circulatory system and, consequently, you will reduce the risk of related diseases .

Weight-shape without giving up!

Finally, with this cooking method you reduce the daily calorie intake which, as you well know, makes it easier to lose weight or keep it under control. If all this were not enough to convince you, you must also know that by eating air-fried foods you subject yourself to a considerably lower risk of acrylamide . It is a substance released by oil exposed to high temperatures and which can be really harmful because it is carcinogenic .

Not just physical health

It has been amply demonstrated that following a restrictive and "punitive" diet is not only a wrong choice for our body but also for our psyche. In fact, depriving yourself of the joys of food at the table means running the risk of going overboard with compensatory snacks between meals. In other words, a good diet must not deprive us of the joy of eating but must educate us to eat properly. This means that it is preferable to learn to manage the amount of fat and portions rather than completely eliminating tasty and satisfying foods such as a good fried dish. The air fryer is an excellent compromise between health and taste that will not make you feel guilty during your meals and will help you control your fat intake compared to that recommended by your nutritionist .

Characteristics of a good air fryer

There are many types of air fryers on the market, so we understand well that the choice is not so easy for those who know about it. We advise you to evaluate the capacity based on your usage needs but also and above all the presence of some requirements . First of all, it must be easy to disassemble and clean, to make it comfortable to use and prevent it from gathering dust in the closet . Secondly, evaluate the power of action based on the type of electricity consumption because bills are also important. Finally select models built with quality raw materials, resistant to high temperatures and certified for food use.

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