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The best foods for weight loss

foods for weight loss

Food affects the regulation of individual metabolism, as well as the cell repair process.

The more efficient the metabolic level, the better the body responds. Otherwise, it is possible that the inflammatory molecules released cause damage to the cells. Following a healthy diet improves life on several fronts, even closely connected to each other. In fact, eating well helps prevent certain ailments, but above all it helps to make a person feel more energetic in carrying out his actions. Finally, it even improves your mood , since taking care of yourself is equivalent to feeling better psychologically as well. The best foods for weight loss are given below.

foods for weight loss

Slimming foods

To trace the quality of slimming foods , the ingredients once cooked and placed on the plate must be taken into consideration. That's because some, at least theoretically, look fatter than they actually are. Yet, once properly treated, they take on a completely different connotation compared to what they could have been in principle. To lose weight , you need to prefer healthy foods rather than those containing sugar, carbohydrates and fats. Here are the best foods for weight loss .

Meat and derivatives

There are numerous recipes based on meat and derivatives that can be cooked. Prefer lean products such as chicken or turkey, but also fish such as cod, clams and octopus. Eggs should be eaten whole, but egg whites are also excellent foods if desired. Carpaccio and tartare are low-calorie recipes, as are grilled or grilled dishes. Avoid the use of oil.

Milk and its derivatives

All ingredients based on milk and its derivatives contain little fat . Some, such as low-fat yogurt, are foods used in diets as a snack. Skimmed milk is possible to consume for breakfast without getting too much trouble about it. There are also low-fat (light) versions of mozzarella and ricotta.

Cereals and other derivatives

Cereals have a certain amount of whole grain products , ideal for losing weight. Wheat, rice, barley, spelled, as well as flour, pasta and bread, should be consumed exclusively in their wholemeal form, to avoid absorbing an excessive amount of carbohydrates. The same goes for ingredients such as quinoa and buckwheat, even if they do not belong to the cereal family.

Tubers and legumes

Potatoes can be part of the diet aimed at losing weight, only if peeled . It is an ingredient that contains half the calories included in cooked pasta. Legumes , absorbing more water and containing fiber , are suitable for a low-calorie diet. For example, polenta, risotto without oil or butter, vegetable soups and broths, are excellent recipes for pursuing the aim of losing weight.

Fats and oils

Vitamin E and unsaturated fats can be obtained from extra virgin olive oil, as well as from other cold-pressed oils , always of vegetable origin . Conversely, the calorie-free spray oil is not a correct solution, as it can lead to an imbalance between fatty acids present in the diet, as well as a lack of vitamins.

Vegetables and fruits

Among the best ingredients for weight loss there are undoubtedly vegetables and fruits , since they are rich in water and fibre. They are also foods that can offer a sense of fullness. Furthermore, their fibers are soluble and allow carbohydrates and fats to be absorbed more slowly, therefore the major sources of calories.

As for fruits, those rich in carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, i.e. coconut, avocado, ripe banana, grapes, chestnuts and tangerines, should be avoided . It is preferable to eat persimmons, figs and pomegranates in moderation. Both vegetables and fruits contain fructose, which has the same amount of calories as glucose. Unlike the latter, it stimulates insulin less.

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