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The best way to protect your lips from UV rays

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We remember to protect our lips only with the arrival of the first warm weather and often not even on these occasions.

We protect our skin from the sun especially in summer but almost no one thinks about protecting our lips too. A good lip protection should be included in every routine throughout the year and should never be missing in summer.

Lips that tan?

We probably underestimate this area of ​​the face because it doesn't tan with the rest of the skin, thus avoiding thinking about the right sunscreen for lips . The skin that covers the lips is very thin and for this reason it releases the typical red color of the lips, allowing a glimpse of the underlying capillaries. However, such thin skin is more difficult to keep hydrated and for this reason it often tends to become chapped or dry.

The fact that the lips do not tan depends on the fact that melanin is absent in this area, a peculiar characteristic that causes the color of skin exposed to the sun to change. However, the absence of melanin puts the area at greater risk of being a victim of sunburn. To avoid these problems you must therefore use sun protection. Many lipsticks or lip balms contain standard protection suitable for use in every month of the year. In the case of longer exposures, it is better to use a specific product with greater protection.

Sun protection

How to protect your lips from the sun

If we apply a base with sun protection or a dedicated sun cream with high protection on the face, this cannot also be used on the lips. You need to buy specific products for the lips that last longer and do their job by containing oils or waxes that are more resistant to the area than normal face creams.

Generally they also contain hyaluronic acid which allows you to have the right hydration as well as the most suitable sun protection. The presence of vitamin E, glycerin and butter or shea or coconut is also essential. These oils are able to lock moisture under the skin preventing dryness caused by improper evaporation. These products should be worn several times during the day, following the correct instructions for sunscreens.

The best lip protection products are almost always in stick form and have a sun protection rating of 50+. These products will also act against skin aging, also protecting against external agents and too strong sun.

Exposing yourself to the sun without protection puts your lips at risk not only from burning but also from the massive formation of wrinkles, having a negative effect on collagen. Incorrect exposure can lead to swelling and micro-lesions of the part. In extreme cases, cold sores could also appear.

The virus often remains latent in our organism and then reawakens when something happens that breaks the balance obtained up to that moment. It can occur in moments of particular physical and mental stress, with the appearance of fever or climate or environmental changes, as well as precisely due to exposure to sunlight. We must never underestimate the harmful effects of the sun's rays, introducing these products all year round as a very important part of our routine.

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