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The coolest earring of the year has the shape of a safety pin: the trend launched by Versace

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Retrieved as practical and decorative accessories by Versace, safety pins become the most desired earrings of the moment

You know that moment of panic when an unexpected tear shows up on a shirt or dress? On time the grandmother or mother were there to reassure us and show us their quick and effective remedy: the safety pin ! However, fashion has gone beyond the so-called grandmother's remedy and with Gianni Versace this common accessory saves your look – and life! – has become a precious decoration that is an integral part of a dress, do you remember the wonderful safety pin dress worn by Elizabeth Hurley? And this year the brooch is once again conquering the bijoux world, transforming itself into a pair of earrings.

Safety pin-shaped earrings: from the Versace fashion show to daily fashion, it's already a trend

If you want to be among the most hardened fashion addicts, who really wear fashion and trends and don't just talk about them, then you are ready to embellish your ear lobes with these fantastic nurse-shaped earrings. Naturally they are not only found in a simple version, each brand has thought of personalizing them and telling them in their own way.

In gold , silver, colored and metallic, we already see them as the perfect bijoux to wear on the last night of the year. Those who have multiple holes in their ears can play with wearing even more than one, from the smallest to the largest, but the trend will also evolve into the earcuff shape which will allow us to wear them in any size and apply them anywhere on the ear.

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And for those who want to experiment even more: take an old safety pin, some beads and pendants to create a personalized DIY one!

Jewelery safety pins: where to buy them in a low cost version

If you have decided to let yourself be conquered by this punk -flavored trend, know that these earrings are already available for purchase and in a low-cost version. For now, the models in gold and silver with precious details such as rhinestones are all the rage, but there are also several handmade brands that make earrings in the shape of safety pins with small colored details.

Many models are available on Shein , which also offers them in a more pop and colorful allure in fuchsia , black or purple, for those who want to combine them for a daily and less sophisticated look. Refined and with an even more elongated or detailed shape, they are mainly in gold and silver that can be combined with rings or bracelets of the same design.

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