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The crop trend also conquers the down jacket: this winter it is soft and short!

red duvet

From models to influencers, the short down jacket confirms itself as the most desired outerwear of the cold season: a mix of softness and practicality

Cross and delight the winter season for all of us. While on the one hand winter is appreciated for its soft and warm garments to wear while perhaps enjoying a good hot chocolate in company, on the other there is layered dressing which requires the multiplication of the cold and which does not make us then so pleasure. The solution from the world of fashion seems to be practicality and the models, some very brave in being able to show even a little pelvis, also add the fashion detail that becomes a trend. Because if the classic long coats risk totally covering the look of the day – unless you can wear them unbuttoned, then the cropped down jacket will take care of showing at least the bottom of our look!

Short down jacket: soft and practical, the trend is the bomber model

Bella Hadid , Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, they are the ambassadors of the prevailing Y2K trend and also of all the complementary trends of the moment, including – knowing very well their aptitude for preferring sporty and practical looks for every day off the catwalks – the short duvet also stands out.

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It is put on on the fly, soft, warm and windproof, a detail that makes it perfect also for those traveling on a moped or for those who love the biker style, so there is more than one reason to be conquered by this model that recalls for its volume and its very reduced length the bomber model. Compared to long down jackets, it is a garment with a more sporty and hi-tech appeal, to be worn without a belt because it is long or just below the breast or at navel height.

If Bella wears a Miss Sixty model that also features denim details, going beyond the minimal and essential models, Kendall Jenner instead promotes the black evergreen version that really looks good on everything and that can also be combined with a long evening dress thanks to the his less is more that does not go too far on an already busy look.

A little street, a little chic: how to combine the bomber model

Grey, black and white are certainly the three nuances in which this bomber model down jacket is preferred, which can also become sporty-chic. A recent proof of this was Chiara Ferragni , who choosing a model without large pockets, smooth, black and voluminous, created a black total look with an elegant long skirt and black ribbed sweater, completing it with a red Louis Vuitton it-bag.

A model therefore that can prove to be more versatile than one might imagine, perfect for an aperitif in the city as well as for a day in the mountains, focusing on Moncler thermals. This year the brand for the winter holidays suggests a different color that already smacks of holidays: a bright yellow with champagne shades that will win over the hearts of fashion addicts. A model that can also be worn in an elegant version, combining structured trousers and a pair of moccasins.

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