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The gluten-free corn bread recipe

Corn bread

Gluten-free corn bread is an ideal recipe for those who don't want to give up the fragrance and flavor of homemade bread. Let's see how to prepare it.

If you are celiac and want to prepare homemade bread, here is the recipe (corn based) for you. Today we are going to prepare a different bread than usual , an alternative that is easy to make and ideal for accompanying first courses, soups and appetizers, or simply to bring to the table during a dinner with friends or family.

The ingredients we will use to make it are mainly corn flour and a gluten-free bread mix, which you can find in all shops and supermarkets.

Corn bread
Corn bread

Making gluten-free cornbread

  1. Start by dissolving the yeast and sugar in a bowl with warm water . Once they are well mixed together, transfer them into a bowl or directly into the bread making machine and also sift the corn flour and the gluten-free bread mix inside.
  2. Knead everything, adding a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt, until you obtain an elastic mixture . At this point, give the dough a spherical shape and let it rest for at least an hour wrapped in a sheet of transparent paper.
  3. Once you have waited the necessary time, give the dough the desired shape and place it on a baking tray with baking paper. Let it rise for another half hour in the turned off oven, then cook for about 35 minutes at 200°C . Once the surface is colored and inviting, take out your bread and let it cool.

Your gluten-free corn bread is ready! Enjoy your meal!

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