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The hair clip is not only worn at home: Chiara Ferragni’s inspo hair look is already a trend in summer 2022

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Hair out of place and hot? The flannel will be our look saver, a must-have accessory to wear on vacation and in the city

Browse the anti-heat hairstyles, from the ponytail and the braids to the indispensable and evergreen chignon, we need to focus on those ready-to-wear hair accessories to pull out in time of need, because especially this year the heat gives us no respite at all. And in addition to the elastics to wear on the wrist and to be able to put on the fly to create very comfortable chignons, the summer accessory that we need to re-evaluate but that in reality we have always known, is the flannel. Thanks to Chiara Ferragni who showed off and matched it recently, we are ready to browse through our flannels and show them off on our summer looks .

Large hair clip, with flowers, rhinestones: the models for summer 2022 by Leontinevintage

Generally the flannel has always been our favorite accessory to keep hair in order at home but this summer as Chiara Ferragni showed us, we can wear this accessory to embellish an elegant look too. The secret is to choose the right model: from the simplest colored ones to the most sophisticated ones . The model worn by Ferry for example is a classic black butterfly but embellished with multicolor rhinestones.

Precious, special and unique are the Leontinevintage mollettoni, which cost 35 euros but they are really special models , made with floral, marine, even shell-shaped designs and decorated with rhinestones. Furthermore, they are plastic free, sustainable because they are made of cellulose acetate, a derivative of fruit plants, biodegradable and resistant.

How to wear the hair clip and how to combine it

The right perspective is not only the sea. Suffice it to say that Chiara Ferragni has beautifully combined a casual look with black shorts and white cut-out top, with a glam allure, a black flannel with a simple but precious design. The secret therefore to match the flannel well to our looks is to focus on particular models and let ourselves be inspired by the mood of our outfit.

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For example, on a floral maxi dress we can choose a floral -themed flannel with a color that recalls the nuance of our dress: with just one tuft collected, we will have obtained a very romantic look that also allows us to stay cool without always resorting to a chignon.

What if we don't just wear it in our hair? Browsing Instagram, there are those who decide to pin the flannel to denim shorts, so that they can possibly wear it if necessary or transform it into the complement of a dress by choosing the right colors. In any case, #mollettoneisback is the hashtag launched on Instagram to tell about this returning trend.

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