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The importance of vitamin C: the benefits for the skin and the immune system

Girl applying cream on her face

Present in many foods such as fruit, vegetables and citrus fruits, vitamin C is a precious nutrient

It is able to restore the correct functioning of our body, prevent colds typical of the winter period, reduce the risk of respiratory tract infection and also keep the skin young for longer.

Anti-aging and preventive properties: it is not surprising, therefore, that it is one of the most talked about vitamins and that everyone tries to take in large quantities.

Together with Bottega di LungaVita , a brand specialized in the production of cosmetics and natural supplements for the health of the face, body and hair, we discover the benefits of vitamin C and how to best integrate it into our body care.

Girl applying cream on her face

Vitamin C: where to find it and why to take it

Vitamin C was first isolated in 1921 and extracted from pine needles, lemon and green plants. Today we know that this vitamin is water-soluble and is mainly composed of ascorbic acid , an element with a powerful immunostimulating and antioxidant action which makes it a valid ally in the prevention of many disorders such as vascular disease, anemia, various infections and a tendency to bleeding.

To take it, it is important to have a balanced and balanced diet. It is not difficult to find foods that contain it, since this vitamin is present in many products :

  • citrus fruits;
  • strawberries;
  • Kiwi;
  • green leafy vegetables.

Especially in winter, when we are more sensitive to colds and flu, or if you don't have the possibility to take care of your diet by choosing fresh products and being careful about how to cook them, it can often be useful to use a vitamin C supplement .

Bottega di LungaVita offers Vitamin C + Chinotto , a drop supplement with a very high concentration of vitamin C, equal to the recommended daily dose, combined with a tasty chinotto extract. By combining the intake of this supplement with a balanced diet, cells receive greater protection from oxidative stress and reduce their feeling of tiredness and fatigue .

Vitamin C: effects on the skin

Less known, but no less effective, are the beneficial effects of vitamin C on the skin . Protective, lightening and anti-oxidant properties: these are some of the characteristics that have pushed cosmetics companies to invest in this precious vitamin and to create serums and cosmetics based on vitamin C against photo-aging.

A vitamin C serum is in fact the most suitable formula for transferring the molecule into the deeper layers of the skin and ensuring maximum effectiveness of its action. The advantages? Vitamin C serums:

  • they are antioxidants ;
  • they protect the epidermis from the negative effects caused by pollution and free radicals;
  • they are powerful anti-wrinkle and whitening agents , meaning they make skin blemishes less visible.

The vitamin C serum proposed by Bottega di LungaVita is an innovative and powerful formulation, capable of enhancing the brightness of the face, as well as preventing and reducing the formation of skin blemishes.

With a Glow Booster effect, this vitamin C anti-stain serum is ideal for bringing to light and regenerating dull or damaged skin. It fights wrinkles, oxygenates the skin and brings it back to its natural splendor. For good effectiveness it will be sufficient to apply a few drops morning and evening on a well-cleansed face, wait for the absorption time and then proceed with a moisturizing cream. The skin will benefit from its effect almost immediately, returning to being smooth and uniform after a short time.

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