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The increasingly sexy and experimental denim in Diesel’s autumn/winter 2023-2024

Jeans on the catwalk

A hymn to passion and desire behind transparent denim games: winter 2023-2024 will be sexier than ever at Diesel.

Sociologists, psychologists and those in the sector have for some time been underlining a fact that is emerging more and more threatening and worrying: the decline in desire in young people, a topic that once seemed to be of interest only from a certain age onwards to an audience mostly of adults. Glenn Martens, Diesel's creative director, tries to answer the problem in his own way: more than a psychotherapy session, a playroom in which to tease the imagination with a mountain of condoms as a backdrop and a parade of denim garments so eager to be unfastened to become transparent.

Diesel at MFW 2023: the autumn-winter 2023/2024 collection, between sex and denim

There is no need to specify it: the Diesel fashion shows are by now an eagerly awaited and well-known fashion show to insiders. Wherever there is red, a cascade of denim garments and condoms, all well packaged with passion and sensuality, then you are sure that you will see exactly what you expect: the ritual with which Martens has been building the fashion shows for a while Diesel contribute to nurturing a group of faithful, to whom, however, the designer also knows how to give unexpected joy.

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And this joy is in a collection that blends tithes and transparency: ingenious, brilliant, seductive, finding a fitting adjective to tell this amazement even just by looking at the images is difficult. In the contrast between transparency, now the undisputed trend of this MFW 2023, and the narrowness of jeans – the tighter the fabric, the sexier it is – this Diesel collection releases all the desire to rediscover sensuality, the pleasure of looking and imagining.

The denim garments to have absolutely in the next winter wardrobe: from jackets to long evening dresses

In short, total denim looks are destined to keep us company for quite some time, from autumn to summer to come: in this sense, Diesel outlines a new line for denim and its possibilities, just look at the long transparent slip dresses covered with denim floral details or long transparent dresses studded with rhinestones that incorporate denim details. We are undoubtedly facing the new must-haves for next season.

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Even the denim gubbino is experiencing a new season, recovering the tie dye effect of the Y2K fever, in a transition that turns the wash towards green, yellow, resulting in a denim with a military style. However, let's get ready to see him transform into a long voluminous bomber jacket with a teddy effect, ripped and creased, strictly in denim.

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