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The latest trend? Cloud nails, the perfect manicure for spring

Cloudy nails manicure

Even nails play their part in our spring looks and cloud nails explode among the trends.

They put you in a good mood just by looking at them: cloud nails are the new and further trend of the season's manicure trends, because we are sure of one thing, nails are no longer conspicuous but rather adapt to the spring wardrobe, enhancing further our outfits. As always, celebs offer ideas and so this pastel and fun manicure in pastel colors is added to the rich album of the coolest manicures of the season – pearly, nude and glossy nails . The enthusiasts will love to make it at home but if you lack time, start sifting through Instagram which fantasy to have your beautician reproduce, because there are more than one type out there!

Spring 2023 manicure trend: nails are painted with clouds on social media

Dreamers, romantics, cuties , cloud nails speak to you. Exploded on Tik Tok , they have earned a good 39.8 million views on the trend social network and on Instagram, while waiting for them to capture the attention of Chiara Ferragni, Tom Bachik , expert consultant of the manicures of the celeb

The version proposed by the manicurist is essential, minimal and nude, it rides the nails trend of celebs who for this season seem to love very long nails but with natural colors ranging from beige to pink or at most basic nuances such as white. However, by inserting the #cloudnails , the inspiration was only a starting point to give life to colored nail-sized skies and clouds that rest on our fingers like small masterpieces, to be customized also with rhinestones and also creating multicolor manicures .

Cloud nails and more: minimal or super colored, how they are made

The starting point of cloud nails is of course the sky: pink, light blue, blue, lilac, we know well how many wonderful shades the sky can give us in spring, that's why on the base or on the starting nail polish you can indulge yourself and even dare , perhaps choosing more than one color on your nails. For example, a multicolor cloud nail is very popular on Instagram.

With a small brush and white nail polish it will be very simple to make the clouds, which is why you can also try your hand at home. If you want to follow the trend but don't like elaborate or flashy manicures, a beige, pink or nude nail polish will be perfect, the important thing is that you pay close attention to emphasize the white of the clouds, better if the one you use for the French, more decisive than a soft milky white.

Browsing through Instagram, the trend has also been extended to stars and the moon: a manicure idea that we can also reserve for the summer, in honor of the wonderful starry skies that we can't wait to color our summer evenings with friends.

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