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The most loved of all time, high boots: how they match

Look with high boots

Elegant and sensual, perfect for any occasion, high boots with or without heels have always been the most loved winter shoes.

If in summer we usually tell ourselves that a pair of flat sandals or comfortable sneakers save our life and look, in winter we can say exactly the same about high boots. The model in question we are talking about are the cuissardes, the high boots that go very well with a miniskirt and combine beautifully with a pair of jeans and skinny trousers or leggings, often also giving us a warm and unexpected sock effect that allows us to wear even thinner tights than those we usually wear in the cold season. In winter they solve one hundred thousand look doubts and that's why it's good to memorize strategic combinations to be perfect even when we're in a hurry.

High boots with and without heels + trousers: the outfits to create

High boots have always tickled the imagination of stylists, who seem to enjoy experimenting with something new every year in their creations: from stilettos and high heels up to mid-leg, from medium and low heels to flat those who don't want to give up the sexy appeal of this model but need extreme comfort, cuissardes multiply their possibilities and models over time.

High heeled boots

Without a doubt, the must-have model of so much variety is always the most comfortable, practical, the one that is worn on the fly without a zipper: they are the cuissardes that are worn like a pair of amphibians, capable of making a simple wool mini dress sexy or giving us a sporty allure with a pair of jeans or skinny trousers. It is not only the lack of heel that makes them so comfortable but also that they are high but not too long, which allows you to wear them even for long walks without tiring your legs.

Look jeans and boots
Look jeans and boots

This model has always signed a perfect matchy matchy with skinny jeans or even mom fit, to be combined with a turtleneck and a soft coat: an English look, which in casual and disengaged moments we have often seen Kate Middleton wear.

High suede boots

High suede boots are the ones that respond to this call for comfyness : thanks to this soft fabric, even the upper part of the boot gives an effect of dynamism and softness that softens even the most decisive and daring looks. The variants are many: half heel, low shot, with high and double heel or with stiletto heel. The latter, which we also find in leather, are part of the club of boots "for great occasions": we may not be able to wear them every day, but we know that for an evening at the disco or for a party, they ensure that wow effect that will allow you not to go unnoticed.

girl dress long skirt high boots

This model of dizzying cuissardes on special occasions deserves to be enhanced with long dresses with a wide slit on more formal occasions, in fun but worldly contexts, have fun daring with a miniskirt: in short, don't hide them, but make them the absolute protagonists.

High sock-effect boots + miniskirt or regular trousers: how to match

Then there is a very particular variant of cuissardes boots: it is the sock-effect model, which, as this peculiarity suggests, can really replace the double stockings or leggings that we go poo in winter, especially to be able to wear dresses and miniskirts with a certain lightness.

Black sock boots

In fact, if you try on a pair, you will notice that they cannot be worn with double tights: in fact, you can easily wear the same models you wear in the summer, with very few den. This type of cuissardes, precisely because they are worn like a pair of socks and are naturally more double and evident, may not be suitable for those with robust legs, as they would not enhance your silhouette. The advice is therefore always to try them before each purchase: so you can evaluate if you feel comfortable.

High cuissarde boots
High cuissarde boots

A model like this can be emphasized with a miniskirt, but it can also be worn with a pair of trousers or regular jeans: being very thin, they can easily be worn and then covered, making life easier for those who suffer from the cold who don't even give up on socks in winter under the pants.

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